Noncombatant Tee Shirts, Berets, and Collectible Body Armor

For a buggy mess.

Get Clip Studio and you will never regret it

I use Gimp and it’s ok, I don’t understand why you say it’s a buggy mess.

You get a cool suit

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In many cases once you go from a proper paid for service to a free service it shows. If you started with free like GIMP you get used to all its mannerism and potential quirks.

Paid is not always better of course and also take nothing away from the people that give us these free tools. But sometimes, you get exactly what you paid for… even if it is free.

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Still doesn’t answer my question of how is it a buggy mess.

Anyway in my opinion it all depends on the users skill. From my experience it’s a good app which has allowed me to create some great looking Eve Character Scenes like this:

GIMP is a photo editor like Photoshop - but rather than make it into a Photoshop clone, they followed their own vision. This means that some things you do in Photoshop one way are done in a completely different way in GIMP.

The Photoshop guys consider these quirks to be bugs.


I know lots of folk that use GIMP without problem, so its cool, just for me, for whatever reason, it just wouldnt perform well.

That said, I dont photo edit and never used Photoshop, I do digital art on a tablet, and Clip Studio has been really stellar, both from learning new stuff and applying what I used to know from Paint Shop Pro.

But differnt strokes for different folks, as they say.

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I think the clothes are ok, but could have been a lot better. Something new for Edencom particularly. Trigs did get their unique wear.

And why do we need to shave head everytime we put on beret or cap? I want to keep my hair!


good GOD the minmatar are ugly

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lol, next time you look in a mirror, do it with your one good eye.


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