Noob miner question

Hi. Just started as a miner after a long time as a combat pilot for a mellower experience. Just had a question about ore densities. I’m mining piroxie (unsure of proper name spelling) so I was wondering what is the most lucrative for what it is? Solid viscous ect. And in what order would also be helpful for a noob. Thanks

Here is a very valuable page to know…

Cross reference with Fuzzworks and presto, you are making a few mil an hour!

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Nice. Didn’t know about this. Thanks

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I recommend you minimize your mining time as much as possible. There are far better ways to make ISK.

Not looking for the biggest payday. Just want to enjoy my playtime. That’s worth more to me than money. Already sitting on a big pile of it anyway


Don’t forget to buy a permit

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