Not enough null wormholes?

So I’ve been doing some analysis on wormhole statics. Based on Ellatha’s wormhole database, there are in total 2,605 W-space systems. Apart from Thera, each system has either one or two “static” wormholes. In total there are c. 3,684 statics, broken down as follows (a few w-space systems don’t have statics listed on Ellatha):

To hi-sec 686
To low 582
To null 199
To other w-space 2,217

There are 1,212 high sec systems in game, 695 lowsec and 3,294 null systems.

So on average there are 0.6 high sec statics per high sec system; 0.8 low sec statics per low sec system; and a mere 0.06 null statics per null system. Null seems to be under-represented in terms of openings to W-space.

These stats include Thera but not “wandering” wormholes.

Does anyone have any data or estimates on how many wandering wormholes of different types there are? I would guess that all varieties exist (W-W, W-Hi, W-Lo, W-Null, Hi-Hi, Lo-Lo, Null-Null, Hi-Lo, Hi-Null, Lo-Null), and I’m wondering if the wandering holes “balance up” the statics to give a “fairer” share of w-connections to null, or if null is just po’ boy in the corner having to do without the joys (and dangers) of random wormhole connections…

There are 5 Drifter wormhole systems: Barbican, Conflux, Redoubt, Sentinel, and Vidette (accessible as unidentified wormholes). These systems are actual highways with plenty of connections into null-sec.

In terms of usage it is probably about right. I’d guess like 10 of those 199 null static holes are actually occupied.

There are alot of wandering WHs as well, many go to null including small ship only WHs that cant really be rolled.

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I once suggested WH upgrade structure, like IHub , that after online and proper payment will generate null sec static in any WH. That way you make null dangerous without blackout, give people, who want to shoot, opportunity to do so and create a new ISK sink in game. Imagine, that you can generate C248 in you C1 system and drop dreadnout on that rorqual before null blob arrives…

  1. as already said there are already drifter wh systems with 40-60 cosmic sigs in each leading mainly to null
  2. there are already i hub upgrades to increase the propbability of having whs spawning in the system

and you also want that enemy ships cannot fight back, that your ships are invulnerable to any damage, immune to bubbles, insta warp, cost only 0.1 isk, and so on?

Drifter wormholes have a caveat: you can’t warp on top of it, you always land at 80km from it, rendering them mostly useless.

C1 wormholes can’t allow ships with mass greater than 20k tons. That would allow moving caps into low class WHs which is bad.


Drifter wormholes have a caveat: you can’t warp on top of it, you always land at 80km from it, rendering them mostly useless.

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you are totally wrong. I know at least 3 ways to counter that (the simplest is: fit a mjd… ;)) and drifter whs are used by many fleets currently

To many small corps (1-5man) a frigate wh in system has the same effect as the Blackout did on small corps in null - log on with a highsec toon and don’t bother with the wormhole sytem til it goes away.

Not what we were talking about but thanks!?!?

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You can also slow boat to it once you are on grid. The point is if you are not on grid with the WH, you can’t warp to zero. Also most hunting fleets can’t fit mjd.

arf… if only there was a ship type able to boosh the entire fleet around him 100 km further…

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Booshing is not warping to zero buddy.

man you said that these whs are useless because you land at 85 km from them. I just give you a mean to quickly get on top of the wh and use it without fearing the arrival of drifter npcs…
but if you wanna believe that these whs are useless, that’s your problem

You write utter nonsense here.

Drifter wormholes are not useless. They are used very often and they enable very good access into various parts of nullsec. People use them regularly.

No you don’t always warp to 80km. The beacon is 85km from the wormhole and position where you land naturally depends on direction from where you initiated the warp and to what distance from the beacon you warp to. You may actually land close to the wormhole.

If you warp to 0 to the beacon then certainly, 80km, there you go.

But mostly, in case of command destroyers, it is handy to land close to the 100km distance from the wormhole just for the boosh.

Even if you are on grid with the wormhole, you still can’t warp to it (you can’t move there because natural phenomena are disrupting the warp).

Ok, imagine you are out though that nullsec through the drifter wormhole, you find content and you ping for the fleet, the ones that start moving with the boosher will get booshed but anyone that is logging in to participate will have to either wait until the next boosh train arrives or burn 80km until get to the wh… That is why they are rarely used.

Thanks everyone for the replies, I wasn’t aware that the drifter wormholes had so many connections so that’s useful intel.

Does anyone know which systems the Jove Observatories are found in? Seems that’s where the drifter wormholes spawn…

ok, so several people here told you that drifter whs are used very often. But you don’t seem to listen.

may i suggest you to follow zepando on twitch ?

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