Not enough power

I’m trying to fit out a Ferox with 250mmRailgun II x 6. Hope the build picture works below
but when i try to bring them all online it says i don’t have enough power. Should i be training power grid management or something. i have that a lvl3 at the moment.

Yes powergrid management definitely helps.

But for that fit so will:

  • Advanced weapon upgrades (reduces grid need for weapons a smidge)
  • Shield upgrades (reduces grid need of shield extenders)

The fact that you’re trying to fit the largest med rail guns and two of the largest shield extenders means you’ll probably free up a lot of grid with those two skills.

If you need to fit it right away, consider using Compact or Restrained shield large shield extenders and afterburners. Not a massive shield hp/speed loss but it will save you a bit of powergrid. Or perhaps use an powergrid implant.

‘squire’ powergrid management EG-603 are not hugely expensive but can make the difference.

Something else you could do is lose the damage control and fit a reactor control unit. The shield tank provided by the damage control is relatively small and may not add much to the fit (you’d actually get more tank from a power diagnostic II). Where as a reactor control II will add 15% powergrid.


Down grade to 200mm if you can’t fit 250. Seems more like you are stepping up into something you can barely fly, you are lacking serious skills if you have powergrid management only at 3 which is a very important skill next to CPU and capacitor. Another thing to consider, the 10mn Y-S8 Compact AB will save you 10pg and a hell of a lot cheaper then the T2 10mn AB. Stick with T2 shield hardeners, for the price of the Gist X-type Kin/Thermal set you could get another Ferox.


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In case of shield tank i think Power Diagnostic System (PDS) may also be an option as alternative to damage control. it increases a bunch of stats: power grid, capacitor capacity and recharge, shield capacity and recharge.


This is one of my fav fit items.

Don’t use the t2 10mn AB.
Switch to the Y-S8.

It’s the muscle car’s engine!


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