Not QoL suggestions

Hi all,

These are my not Qol suggestions please discuss and/or propose better.

  1. Tax highsec structures by system security rating

  2. Restore low sec between empires

  3. Review stargate connections to improve traffic flow and remove

  4. Remove caps from low sec - JF too

  5. Convert all null regions next to high sec regions in low sec. Resources quality on planets/moons/belts
    and structure bonuses should be the same regardless of security level.

  6. Remove Territorial Claim Units and Infrastructure Hubs.

  7. Remove NPC bounties

  8. Make ice belts random events in random systems

  9. Merge Hacking and Archaeology Skills - add hacking EWAR

  10. Pirate NPCs space follow same rules as empire space

  11. Balance ship counter by role first then by number - bigger and more shouldn’t always the answer

  12. Restore original purpose of industrial command ships - supporting
    mining fleets - allow Rorqual to shelter fleet members in ship
    maintenance bay regardless of engagement timers/change ship

  13. Remove or revamp skills like Customs Code Expertise, Research Project Management, Remote sensing, Accounting, Broker Relationship

  1. Why?

  2. You know what putting low sec between empires would cause…‘a lot of stargate connections with poor traffic flow and that constitute bottlenecks’.

  3. You are asking CCP to remove bottlenecks and improve traffic flow while also asking that lowsec be put between all of the empires…WOW !!!

  4. Why?

  5. Why?

  6. Why?

  7. Why?

  8. Okay, i actually know why and I agree.

  9. Why?

  10. Why?

  11. Wtf does this sentence even mean???

  12. Cannot be done, CCP has already said this about 1 million times.

  13. Why ?

Okay, so it looks like you have spent about ZER0 time thinking these ideas out and really the takeaway i get from this post is you’re, really bad at making forum posts.

Also, as a bit of advice, don’t ask for something to be put into the game and in the next statement ask that it be removed, it reflects poorly on your basic reasoning ability.

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  1. So they are less and tax heaven doesn’t make sense.

  2. To make regional trade a thing, escort services and piracy

  3. Remove bottlenecks like how Narja is for Amarr - Jita route

  4. So smaller ships can be used without getting droped by supers

    and if you want to haul your stuff from null you use a deep space

    transport or get help

  5. Reducing the amount of null sec available someone may fight for


  6. So alliances territory is not bigger than them presence. Stop rental


  7. End of afk/boting rating isk printing

9 Data and relic sites are the same, just different loot. Hacking ships is my fantasy.

  1. So I can be a citizen of Sansha Nation and raid Amarr space. Call that an Incursion.

  2. Rock Paper Scissors

13 Game changes made them useless or less effective. Maybe offer Skill points back.

  1. YOU: tax highsec structures by system security rating.
    YOU: So they are less a tax haven, doesn’t make sense.
    ME: I still don’t know what you are trying to say or why?
    Why is the tax only changed for highsec? what about the current system doesn’t make sense? Why are tax havens a problem? many more questions…

2 & 3 ) You are asking for a contradiction: you want lowsec between empires to make escort services and piracy a thing but you also want to remove bottlenecks like Niarja and Uedama but the reason those areas are bottlenecks is because they are the lowest level of highsec, if you put lowsec between empires the number of bottlenecks will increase, the number of people willing to continue to play eve will probably drop, the severity of the bottlenecks in highsec will increase dramatically. You cannot have both these things in the game at the same time, I dont even understand how you cannot see that.

4a) Smaller ships are already used in combat against larger ships and having or not having supers in the game isnt going to change that dynamic. Also, if you are basically asking that your rifter play a bigger role in pvp on a large scale vs entities fielding supers, you get no sympathy from me on this because you are fighting people you don’t have any good reason to be fighting.

4b) A deep space transport isnt even close to large enough and if nullsec if forced to use them, then a ability of nullsec to reasonable transport things will be lost and while i have not much love for the nullsec players in general, they still deserve reasonable avenues to transport goods.

  1. Most of nullsec is empty and removing the limited number of systems where nullsec and highsec come together isnt going to do anything to make nullsec fight (it seems pretty much nothing will make nullsec do anything but play, ‘farmers in space’).

  2. If an alliance is able to uphold SOV structures then the space isnt bigger than they can handle and what is wrong with renters, they play the game, they have fun, I’m not seeing a problem with renters.

  3. Killing off game options, because some people cheat while playing them, ultimately leads to the game being completely gutted of all content because people cheat at everything in every game iv ever played, this won’t stop cheating it will just remove game play options for legitimate players.

  4. for the benefit of other readers, the OP and I both agree on point #8 so we chose not to discuss it farther ( i mention this only so that readers will not wonder what happened with point #8).

9a) CCP wants players to spend a considerable amount of time to get into different game roles and it seems to me that CCP sometimes puts in skill training just to make getting into different areas of game play take longer and for no other reason but it is still a reason and one im expecting them to continue to do.

9b) What do you mean by hacking ships, what is the reason that we should have hacking (other than you just want it), what game play does this hacking add and how do you want it to work?

  1. This seems the most interesting idea that you have proposed but you need to explain more how it would work, what the rewards would be, why would players want this, why do you need to belong to an NPC corporation (it seems really unnecessary to me?).

  2. There is very little way to get around more is more powerful, it is a fact of EVEs design, already bigger isnt better, trust me i lost a GOLEM to a pilot in a cruiser.

  3. for other readers: this request seems to have been withdrawn, i mention it only so you don’t wonder what happened to point #12.

  4. It has been CCPs policy that if a skill is still useful (and those all are) then CCP will not refund skill points for those skills, even if those skills are considerably less useful than when you trained into them.

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