Not recieving code

I have three toons, on different accounts, and not one of them gets an email when requestion to join Sisi, I’ve even gone as far as disabling server spam filters HELP!

You get access to Sisi when CPC does a new mirror of the account-database. It doesn’t happen automatically. once the new mirror is applied, you can just log in with your normal account-credentials.

Wander is correct. The characters are not created automatically. They are done when the server is mirrored.

For more information on the test server, I suggest to check out the article below that goes over information on the test server as well as how to connect to it when the live server is mirrored to it.

Hope this helps you out! :slight_smile:

I dont think thats what hes asking for.

I think he wants CCP to send him email confirmation regarding joining SISI.

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Your right I can’t access SISI I need the authentication email which is not being sent out!

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