Not Recruiting

Planetarum is Not recruiting.

About 10 years ago, i was running fleets for standings. I advertised on the old forums, had more business than i could handle, and slowly recruited every tengu i saw in mission systems into my standings channel. The channel was a group of individuals, some from corps, some one man, some alts, some mains.

It developed into a successful channel of blue friends, fleeting for profit. Eventually we had salvagers and mission runners, it was a really good system.

With isk and salvage piling up, everyone ventured in to other endeavors, like incursions, wh, pvp, and industry.

The channel was more successful than ever, our unofficial alliance of blues, gave opportunity to try everything eve with a trusted group of friends.

I finished school, went back to work, and got really busy with life.

Now, I’m looking to be part of the same thing. I don’t want to join your corp, i don’t want you to join mine. I want to join or create an unofficial alliance of trusted blue friends, to better experience eve.

Invite me to your channel, discord, or group or message me that you’d like to be part of one.

Planetarum is Not recruiting!

Thank you.


Fire up a channel, I’m down.

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On Discord there
Bombers Bar

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