Not What the Ads Pretend

I don’t know where to put this post so I it’s here because I’m new anyway, although I have no Q’s and definitely no A’s

I have a quick rundown of my impressions on this game though.

  • Graphics: 7/10
    Mostly 2D. Where the 3D graphics are involved they aren’t really needed. No need to have a nice 3D environment when the game windows need 98% of the screen in order to provide the info needed to play the game.
    The stations interiors are too busy with lit up signs everywhere that hurt the eyes, like the suns in space: too bright. Don’t want to wear sunglasses to play a game.

  • UI: 4/10
    Need to click on every part of the UI for it to recognize the mouse is hovering over it which turns every one-click item into two clicks.
    Text is very bad for the sight, doesn’t account for people with vision impairment like miopia or other.
    There is no mouse pointer.
    Too many windows waste too much space which in turn makes it difficult to reduce their size and keep relevant info visible.

  • PvE: 0/10
    It isn’t PvE if PvP comes into play at the same time.
    This isn’t a PvE game at all. It is strictly PvP.

  • PvP: 3/10
    There are no space battles, only ambushes.

  • Music & Sounds: 7/10
    Depressing and dark music. Okay for a half hour then the sweet sound of silence is welcome.
    Station ambiance is an assault to the ears. Must seriously have a mute button for it. It all contribute to station interiors being too busy.

There are other issue but I would rather do something else now.
Biomassing/uninstall in 9h

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Another case of “No patience, no EVE”.


I haven’t seen any eve ads recently but isn’t this how eve is advertised? At least when I started playing no one was under the assumption that you could not PvE without the risk of PvP coming up, the constant risk was one of the things that hooked me to the game!


I don’t know if the OP will be back to read the reviews of the review; 8 out of 10

This review is very accurate in my opinion. however I don’t think Zenobia hit on any pros only cons. I am not sure how long they played either, but this is why they lost 2 points on the review.

True. In fact, CTRL+Shift+F9 will turn off the 3D window, and that is how I play Eve Online with maximum frame rate. Eve is indeed a 2D game with a 3D screen saver running in the background.

Default UI is very awful and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to set it up per character. However the black on black theme is a lot harder to overcome. Some will argue the PvE does exist with the Epic Arc, but you can still be PK’ed (Player Killed) while doing the Epic Arc or other events.

Space action is not like in the video adverts one can see on YouTube. Even with the 3D screen saver running, large battles are mostly seen as a lot of dots in the distance and assuming you can get close enough you will be dead in seconds.

I cannot honestly comment on music as all I have ever heard is thunderous pounding from laser and what sounds like static. The space stations have a muffled echo voice to elude to massive size but one does wonder what they are talking about. I assume it is a traffic guard telling me my space ship is illegally parked in a blue zone.

Overall a great first impression review of Eve Online. I only wish you would have given it a month or more to really pick out some of the positive nuances in the game. I think I have the game beat, as I only play here once a month. I sell a bunch of junk in the market and invest my profits in more cheap junk that inevitably goes up in value. I will make billions of ISK to spend on garbage for the win!

  1. I more or less agree, but I would rate it 10/10.

  2. Maybe turn off the transparency of the windows?

  3. This game is a sandbox.

  4. But they’re just you’ve always been on the wrong side.

  5. Agree

You were warned.

I only focused on the cons because the cons are why I will not play.
There are lots of pros but don’t outweigh the cons in my experience with the game.

That’s anothe con, although I didn’t mention it. I feel there are more cons than pros with this game.

There can be no PvE in a PvP zone. The entirety of the game is PvP thus the PvE exists only in name.
PvE in EVE would be like going to war dressed and equipped for a fishing trip.

Thank you.
I couldn’t bring myself to play any longer. My eyes hurting, patience ran out and feeling like being suckered in by false advertising lead me to take the only sane choice: leave.

OP is not “wrong” on some of his points (the clickfest, window waste, soundscape, font, etc). Ironically, those were mostly introduced during the last couple of years.

But if that is enough to biomass/uninstall after 9 hrs, imagine what the loss of a ship would do for this particular NPE. Imagine not even scratching the surface of the gameplay itself to make that decision.

The learning curve delivered. At least he/she picked up the word “biomass”.

Why not ? There are other games where you can PvE in a PvP zone. After all, PvE means activities not involving combat against other players. Yet here we are, in EvE Online, an open PvP environment where people do stuff like mining and shooting npc’s under the constant threat of getting drawn into a player fight.

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I took it as they were supposed to biomass in 9 hrs, which was roughly 4 hrs ago.

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Learn to read. Go back to school.
I was biomassing in 9h, I didn play for 9h.
Check my character in the game now before I biomass, I played for several days and joined a corporation.

I got up late. I take medication. I can’t work because I’m handicapped.
Now I’m awake. I just turned on my pc and will open Steam to start EVE and biomass.
People who constantly call orhers liars are themselves the liars.

Salty. I stand corrected. You will be gone soon™, young forum warrior (should have developed that skill in the game itself).

What were you doing in Stain, btw ?


I didnt call you a liar. But ty for trying EVE, and realizing that its not your type of game. I wish you well on your endeavors to find a game more suited to your tastes


Obviously you didn’t understand the thread. Seriously, go back to school.

Did you have enough time to read? Because I’m biomassing now.

Of course you did. And you lied again by pretending you didn’t.

Good luck with your next game. Sorry it didn’t work out for you in EvE Online.

If OP presumes all the game is PvP, also the forum is, and for this reason the reactions are wary to comments.

My impression of New Eden: More collaboration, more fun. Learn to play together, learn to reach a mutual aim. And then you join discussions instead of confrontations in forums too.


Perhaps the catalyst loss in Stain triggered it. It was clear that the door had to close with a bang. He made some good points in his summary, some of which were confirmed by myself and others.

Indeed, collaboration and positive interaction make a lot of difference in getting anywhere in EvE and any related forum.


clearly no knowledge to make a review as if you had any you would know that the abyss has pve it its own instance where you cannot be attacked by other players