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HHH Is the heavy drone bunnie, you will be assigned all the medium and heavy drones in fleet. You’re kill order is very simple.

FC orders > Untagged Romi > Untagged Battleships > Reverse number order.

Pro tip: Heavy drones are very slow to move around so you don’t necessarily have to follow the kill order, always follow FC orders though. Say there’s been a new spawn and the untagged Romi burn 40+ km away. Yet tag 9 is a big fat battleship and it’s sat right next to you. Instead of having the drones burn 40km and not firing for a good 40 seconds chasing a Romi just shoot tag 9 instead. Eventually someone will pull aggro and the Romi will burn back. Just use a bit of common sense when selecting targets and make sure you get the untagged killed before CQC run out of numbers.

Another good tip is sometime there will be two Heavy drone bunnie .If you assign your drones to the other one you can see what they are firing at when they aggress a target as your drones will attack it. Then you can both work together to kill of the Sansha much faster with one massive drone ball of death.

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You only have a job in two sites the Assault site OCF were you burn directly to the obelisk. Then every wave as the last NPC dies a can will spawn. You tractor in that can to the obelisk and loot it. On the finale wave once the two Antems that are spawned die the Obelisk with spawn properly and you can open it and put the civilians inside. You do this so the fleet receives payout.

The other site that you need a tractor beam for is the headquaters site the TCRC. In that site you wait for the fleet to take the gate then a couple of seconds latter you take the gate.

Note:- If you have ascendancies or lots of hyperspatial rigs wait a little longer. As you want to land on grid once the aggro has established.

When you land on grid do not lock anything (Unless FC orders you to because fleet is lighton raw dps). Overheat your prop mod before you activate it and keep it heated for two cycles while you burn towards the MTAC factory. As overheating your prop mod straight away increases your rate of acceleration and gets you up to full speed straight away.

Note: If you don’t know where the MTAC factory is. If the Sansha battletower that we shoot is at 12 o’clock, at 11 o’clock you will see the shield transfer control tower (looks like a POS). Then at 10 o’clock, roughly, you’ll see a flat rectangular shaped building which is the MTAC factory.

Anyway once you get to the MTAC factory split of one unit of ammo and jettison it in to space. Lock up the jetcan and put your tractor beam on it. Then click on the jetcan and open it and then click on the MTAC factory and open that to like you would a jetcan.

Inside the MTAC factory you will see a golden Mech that’s around 8 km3 in size (Which btw is why we use a jetcan because it’s so big). Drag and drop the MTAC from the MTAC factory to the jetcan. Then slow boat to the shield transfer control tower (POS looking thing).

Once you get to the tower click on the tower and open it up like you would a jetcan. Then drag and drop the MTAC from the Jetcan and into the shield transfer control tower. Just keep going backwards and forwards from the MTAC factory to the shield control tower constantly doing this.

Note: The reason we do this is to stop the tower from repairing itself. As each MTAC dropped allows us to shoot the tower for two minutes without it repairing. Which is why you constantly have to do the MTAC role during the whole site. Because one missed MTAC could mean the tower fully reps and the fleet has to start all over from the beginning.

LC: The Logistic commander is in charge of the logi ships. You’re job is to keep the motd in the logi channel up to date and make sure the DDD is getting two tracking & one opti link. From any of the Oneiros cruiser logi in fleet. If there are anymore links free give the HHH then VVV opti links and then any good Vindicator opti links if there are still available.

You’re job is also to make sure the logi are anchored up properly and that everyone is within 30km of the Nestors. The Anchor points are pretty much the same for the snipers as logi except for two sites.

The Assault site, Nation Commander Stronghold were you anchor up in the middle of the site.

OCF Logi.jpg

The headquater site True Creations Research Center all logi in this site need to get the hell of the beacon and burn 40km to 50km towards the shield transfer control tower. As a logi ship stuck on the beacon with full aggro is usually a dead logi ship.

TCRC burn to.jpg

Once you arrive at this point cruiser logi should orbit a designated Nestor. The Nestors should then Wait here until the full fleet starts moving towards the Sansha battletower to kill it. The Nestors should then move towards their final anchoring points at an appropriate speed as they need to keep everyone within 30km range.

The final anchoring point should be roughly 20/25km from all three of the battletower/MTAC factory/shield control tower, so you can cover everyone on grid. If you have your tactical overlay turned on and hover your mouse over one of your remote armor repairers. There will be a bright red circle anything inside that is within your optimal range. The duller red circle is your total range. Slightly adjust your position if you have to, to cover everyone in fleet. Just be careful if you have cruiser logi orbiting you, that they don’t bump on anything.

TCRC nestor final.jpg1406×795 535

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Don’t forget to mention that the bastion and the other specialty fleets tend to use slightly different tactics to complete the site

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I don’t see the shark anchor spots : )

ZZZ: May or may not be used depending on FC. Anyway ZZZ anchors the Leshak pilots.

In this site just anchor with the Vindicators and melt stuff.

Upon landing burn directly into the middle of the spawn while shooting Mara. Once in the middle of the spawn stop and kill stuff. Try to get your ship about as high as the ring at the top of the battletower.

Once the spawn is half dead burn directly west and stop once the south south east line passes through the middle of the battletower and your ship is roughly 45/50km away from it.


Once the Yuli are nearly dead from the second spawn burn directly south and stop once the south east line is passing through the battletower and you’re roughly 15KM away from it.


Again once the Yuli are nearly dead from the 3rd wave this time burn directly north until you’re roughly 48km from the battletower roughly were the Vindi anchor.


Kill Outuni then tags, wait for FC order to burn. Then burn to tower and kill it with highest DPS ammo and heaviest drones. Just like the Vindi Try to anchor on the front left of the tower. That way if you get targeted by the Niarja it wont burn off from it’s spawn point. Which makes the DDD job much much easier and makes it less likely you will be jammed.

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