Notification for Corp and Alliance Standings

Could we get a “Send notification to xxxx” on the Corp and Alliance standings just like player to player?
It would be useful in two ways:

  1. You know for sure that entity set you blue and it is not a trap
  2. You can taunt corps by letting them know you set them red

The notice would go to CEO and all Directors of the corp and the EXEC corp of the Alliance if it is that being set (maybe all the CEOs in that Alliance too).

Who like this idea?


the fact that you linked that with “When you see bad behavior, don’t reply” right on the same page just proves the point.

in no way does this let you “know for sure it is not a trap” hell you don’t even know if they then imminently set you back to red.

It’s a tarp!

This idea actually came to me while discussing blue status and they thought i had blue status i wanted but it was their personal one they set and had sent me a notice on so I thought it would be nice to know when a Corp or Alliance does that if they wish to send notice for same reason a Character would.
In response to an intelligent reply pointing out that unless the notification is not optional (and that is not what I would want or was asking for) there no way to know it had been changed right after the making it blue with notification.
Even with that I still see a use for it for administrative use. also for a way to further lure some one into a trap by saying see I set you blue you can trust me.

or just have some level of basic competence.

besides mistakes like that lead to content.

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