November Release - General Feedback

I don’t see anything about the selected item window refusing to keep the size you set it to. It always defaults back to the wide setting they implented this patch every time you’ve docked.



ahhh, gotta love calculator speak lol

An Option to have the watch list and Drone Damage windows read from Left to Right as it has been for years would be Great, I can appreciate some people will prefer to be able to read it from right to left but to me it is all kinds of wrong,.


Thank you for fixing the chat window

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Since there’s more chance of CCP reading this thread and they don’t seem to be inclined to respond without prompting… any chance we could get a clarification?

They are more likely to notice and also more likely to respond to if you post it on r/Eve :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, but I don’t have a reddit account. Also, there’s a been a thread on the subject there for days as well. If they respond there, I’ll probably see it and will be happy to inform people here. :slight_smile:

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Can anyone explain the reason behind moving Jump Gates and Beacons to 500Km? Was there some pressing game play or oppressive exploit?

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I can’t understand why ccp is degrading constantly the possibility to gain isk via ratting.

The boson nerf is just the next step of a long way. Of course there are bottlers around but honestly for ppl playing it regularly it’s simple another change that doesn’t alow me to play this game in my favorite way. If I want to use my Titan i just can join fleets where nothing happens…

That’s a first for me hearing that, you got a link for it?

It’s really great to see people like you adapting to these changes!


It’s the fifth bullet point in the patch notes linked in the OP.

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Yea, I read it. Still doesn’t answer the “why”. Why on earth put any developer time into something that is meaningless?

Conflict generation - jump gates and beacons are now anchored out of Upwell structure defensive weapons’ range.

Just curious, how would you “unfuck it” ?

November release :roll_eyes:
More like November Patch. - A release in my understanding is something bigger that delivers some new content, not just some bugfixes and odd nerfs to some numbers of some devices. Underwhelming as I came to expect.


Dropping entry level skill books is an excellent suggestion. BPCs… not so much. Newbros don’t know how to make stuff, what stuff to make, or have the skills to use the stuff. Everyone needs skills and hopefully understand they should inject the skill and train it someday.


Is only being able to place bounties of over 1,000,000 (instead of 100,000 as previously) on characters intended?

I mean…

If you read the patch notes…