Incursion exploit question... Sponging banned?

Question about this announcement:

It reads to me like you’re banning sponges. If so… why now after years and years? If that’s not what you’re banning, could you clarify that, please?

Edit: removed definition of sponging, just in-case that is what they’re banning… (CCP feel free to PM me for the definition if you’re not aware (or just look at the edit history))


Since they are officially made this exploit. There is no point in hiding definition. If someone is looking for free ban, he will find it anyway. And some people want to learn something new about game.

We don’t know if they are banning sponges or if there’s a some other exploit at hand, since the article is very vague. Which only makes players more interested in finding out what the exploit is and trying to reproduce it. Or maybe I’m wrong and there’s some real complicated exploit ongoing that only handful of players knows about, so it’s unlikely that someone will find out what the exploit is if they didn’t knew before the announcement.

What the hell is a sponge?

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Alts that warp in in noob ships / pods at the end of site if fleet is not full on humans to snag up payment.
Dont see this as an issue something else is going on.

…like one dude triple box vanguards and than bring alts in pods to inflate payment to maximum,…,…might be the issue.

Aren’t rookie ships and pods excluded from payment?

Cant recall been a while,think they are fine.

Like others said, corvette and pods can’t get pay-outs but any other ship works fine.
Problem is, both of those situations are the same from a rules perspective as far as I can tell, so a prohibition on the 2nd situation could get a bunch of people with 1 alt banned as well…

Which is why I’m waiting for CCP to chime in with either “Yes, this is the behaviour we’re talking about.” or “No, we’re talking about something else, you’re fine.”

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You’re best to file a ticket on it detailing the exact thing you want to do and then ask if this is allowed or not. You’re not going to get anything here and I doubt CCP will explain/expand their statement, if only to avoid people trying to figure out how close they can get to breaking the rules.

So, CCP, since you’re not responding to a simple question, we are to assume… what exactly? (apart from not reading your own forums)

goes make support ticket

We need a web series, “That’s So CCP”.

CCP barges in like Kramer from Seinfeld
CCP: You shouldn’t do that!

Players: Are you going to fix it?

CCP: Nah. We’ll just declare it as an exploit and leave it.

Laugh track

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Finally got a response to my ticket, incase anyone still cares: Apparently what I was worried about was not the target of the exploit ban. :slight_smile:

“Artificially inflate”

Collecting the unclaimed payouts with ventures doesn’t fit that definition for me.

Well since we are asking and mind you, i am on my first coffee here :slight_smile:
How does this update work with bouncing and contesting?
Although people may not like it, it is a part of high sec incursions

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