November Release: Invasion Chapter 2 - Known Issues

Alas, change is never easy… but yes, sometimes it’s way harder than it needs to be. :wink:

I’ll say it again here as I noticed too late that I was in the Mac feedback, but (self-quoting):

“Love the increase from 13000 to 15000 personal bookmarks… hate the new “5 folders online” limit and “3000 bookmarks per folder” limit… meaning all our old main personal “folders”, if above 3000, can’t be used until you offload enough into other folders now… subfolder counts count against folder limits, etc. etc. ugh.”

The whole red-out on the entire original personal bookmark folder is maddening… not only does my first main (who has hit the 13000 limit at least 3 or 4 times, was at 12950 or so before this week’s patch day, now is at 13250 because 300 bookmark objects in a can in a station were auto-imported into bookmarks) have a red main folder that is taking hours and hours to fully sort out into “new and improved” folders (limited to 5 online makes it really hard to organize, gotta keep offlining and onlining the same folders over and over again as I find new bookmarks that need to be in them… would help a LOT if we could move bookmarks into an offline folder, but from what I can tell we cannot… tried and failed several times to do so).

The other two mains, my 2nd and 3rd, let’s call them, are at like 11000 and 8000 locations and thus are also redded out despite being nowhere near the main 13000… erm… 15000 limit now. The damned 3000 per folder limit is… so bad.

That’s silly. I hope we can fly Drifter cruisers and battleships thanks to our Precursor cruiser/battleship training for Triglavian ships soon™ and if/once we can, it won’t make me less interested in drifters then.

The module cycles not always starting at the start of the circle bug is very old. It happens on and off for the past 5 years.

That is truly epic. Thank you so much for linking us to it. ;D

new bug today ?
I can’t save the location of a structure I’m in.
If I undock, I can.


Not specifically related to this particular patch but why do some right click options change place for no apparent reason? “Add XYZ to Overview” for instances goes from the middle of the menu (depending of how many options are being displayed) to “Remove XYZ from Overview” at the very end of a the menu.


You probably want to prevent us from accidentally removing something but accidentally adding something that suddenly floods your overview is not ideal either.


Anyone else have corp mates needing to manually connect to the corp location folder?

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Chat seems to be broken after today’s update - member lists not showing up, MOTD not loading, can’t load channel list.

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All channels broken currently.


All chan broken


Local channel seems to be broken today sometimes - either frozen or complete blackout. Re logging sometimes works but not always

Don’t worry we will have no dt today !

hurray for random disconnects

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Was in the middle of a jump warp to another system and got a message pop-up from Traffic Control saying that it would take 168 minutes to complete the jump. Then it started counting down and when it got to 143 minutes left, I got disconnected from server.

I tried to log back in but Launcher wouldn’t connect to server. I closed Launcher and re-opened it, logged in and went to read Eve Mail message I had received earlier from another Capsuleer, opened up Mail and the window was blank, then got disconnected from server again. This all happened within a 5 minute time period.

I very rarely have disconnects happen and getting one disconnect every once in a while is understandable but having two or more disconnects happening back to back within a short time period is unacceptable.

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Ahhh, yes… ye olde traffic control jump tunnel indefinite pause. I remember when seeing that was a fairly common occurrence instead of the rare thing it is now.

Jesus. Glad I wasn’t online that morning. AUTZ bro of mine was talking about it that day, too. Fun stuff. Discord had some major google cloud-related issues last Saturday afternoon as well, apparently. Hackers? General incompetence at all the tech companies? Who knows.

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Now THAT guy is what we need more of in this game. Make his head pop up and say that every time you enter Triglavian Invasion space. ;D

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okay its been long enough. Fix the bookmark process for buy / Sell escalations . Several good suggestions have been made , such as be able to sell directily from the agency screen , or a one time use token. the current shared bookmark method is not only tedious and cumbersome, it is rife with opportunity for fraud.

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