November Release - Known Issues

Please use this thread for discussing and reporting known issues.

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Additional Release Information:

The November release sees more updates from Team Talos with a reworking of the Micro Jump Field Generator and changes to the Bosonic Field Generator, Ansiblex Jump Gate, Tenebrex Cyno Jammer and more.

We’re excited to add Korean localization to the client alongside localization of the New Eden Store for our supported languages.

Updates to the new player experience make it easier for new capsuleers to get a better understanding of the importance of ISK and looting. The skill requirements for Tech 1 light drones has been reduced to make them more quickly accessible to new capsuleers.

The user interface sees some love with updates to the default window sizes for new users as well as the addition of a ‘One Way Move’ warning prompt when moving items to a corporation owned container.

All of the above alongside a number of defect fixes related to gameplay, fittings, graphics, the UI and more. Check out the full patch notes for details.


Known Issues:


  • Environmental and materialization SFX for the Triglavian Stellar Accelerator is not linked to any of the Advanced Audio Settings
  • The new warping SFX has one part which is not tied to any of the Advanced Audio Settings
  • Aura’s voice is lower in other languages that are not English


  • Interceptor Trait balances (damage % buffs) reverted to previous balance numbers


  • Character selection background does not fade to black on the sides
  • Missing animations for some Triglavian ships
  • Stacked Blueprints display a Blueprint Copy icon


  • Broken Firestorm SKIN available in LP store

User Interface:

  • Chat windows can no longer be reduced to the same minimum size
  • Selected items window resizes itself at undock
  • The industry window fails to display the blueprint tab, if it contains remote blueprints in containers, which are in a station.

You messed up the interceptor buff.

The per level bonus buffs from october have been removed!


Guys, what was the problem with the chat windows? Why did they increase everyone by force? For our convenience, really? For my convenience, I myself could enlarge this window as needed and when needed. What nonsense are you doing again?

Expanded the Chat Window so that you can see many more messages by default

You’re not exapanded it, you’ve increased the minimum window size! Now we can’t decrease chat size forcing it to take unnecessary screen space! Please revert it back and change default window size not the minimum size.


This was unintentional, we’re working on a fix, sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: Fix is in, we’ll be deploying it at the earliest convenience (hopefully tomorrow but if not it will be Thursday)


After DT I can’t see coporate owned BPC’s on citadel in next system.


Same issue, works fine if you dock in that citadel but you can’t interact with blueprints remotely (ie to start industry jobs).

Corporate blueprints in NPC stations are still visible.


Confirmed, the blueprints tab fails to load, if it contains remote blueprints, which are located in a container. We are working on a fix. Very sorry for the inconveniences.


pro tip: to see more messages in chat you should grab it at the top and drag it up, then grab middle line that goes between chat and members and move it to the right.

upd: no, I don’t need bigger chat windows, there more important stuff to place on my screen. I just removed few windows just to see my capacitor and shields (no, if I drag it I won’t be able to see modules)


New issue:

Selected item window is now much wider than before. If you set it back to how it was before, it doesn’t save. Every time you undock the selected item window defaults back to being wide again. It refuses to save the size you change it to.


New issue:

Watch lists now show states from right to left and not left to right. Shields are now the far right instead of the left box.


Thanks for letting us know, this is an unintended side effect of today’s default size changes. We’re working on a fix for it!


If only we had a seperate server to test patches before release…


can someone EXPLAIN me the LOGIC of making local window wider ?

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No logic, just a missed bug, fix is on the way.


WORKAROUND for the Industry Window bug: Select a specific Structure in the drop down menu and it works fine; it’s only “All Facilities” that is bugged.



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Nope – Remote Industry is still broken for me.

Works fine from another station/structure or even in space, as long as I am in the same system. But once through the jump gate I get the “The item is no longer within your reach” message, even after re-selecting the specific structure, and even though the structure is listed in Facilities when filtered by “within skill range”. And, of course, previously unavailable BPs held in the system I’ve just jumped into are now available…