Now in buisiness trip, cant login

Where in business trip, last 3 days loG in and play was without problems, yesterday during try out to log in get a message that assigned client unexpectedly crashed during login. Was finaly completely uninstalled client and after re-installed all the same. What can happen or what can I do to restore normal log in?

I have the same problem. 2 days and i cant log in to eve. Just before charatcher selection screen it shutsdown. Same on all 5 account. Ive run a tracerouter and 6-12 request timeout.

Ive cleared cache but nothing works. Ive gotten a new link to download a new launcher from CCP… That dosnt work.

So iam sitting here trying to play and not able to. Tickets been up for 2 days. No reply there yet. Whats going on? And am i the only one affected? //Ron

Same issue here from one client. Using a different client at a different location has no problem. I reinstalled, the whole deal.
WTH is going on? Triglavians gotten to Reykjavik?

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