Now that everything is nerfed to the ground, what do you guys do for ISK?

Stop hunting isk and enjoy the game. And the isk sources aren’t that much nerfed as y say.


I will keep it secret. :see_no_evil: :sunglasses: :flushed:

Sell branded pod goo to my twitch watchers.

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Same way as always:

First you take a CENSORED and fill it with EXPUNGED to sell at REMOVED. Using the profit from this you purchase several POSSIBLE TOS VIOLOATION budgerigars and DIRECTIONS REMOVED them up your UNSANITARY.

Easy profit!

It appears that I am playing a different version of EVE Online than you. There are still many different ways me and my friends make ISK.

Can I have your stuff?

Ps. I hope the next nerf is the forums :smiley:


Here we are


That talent tree looking thing is exactly what is wrong with this game now. CCP has you pegged into one of those boxes. The sand has been emptied.

I’m a scavenger, I take advantage of any and all opportunities whenever I can. The isk flows into my long-term goals.


I sell spice.

I do the same as before because despite the so called “nerfs” it’s still generating more than enough ISK for my personnal gameplay. :woman_shrugging:



Play another MMO.

So isk is irrelevant.

TBH back and reading forums again lately Ive came away with impression it was your first job too.

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What can I say. I care about other people. In here, and in real life. Because im a nice guy. Nice guy Sol, they call me.


What I used to do several years ago and I will never admit to what it is because jealous fruitcakes will cry nerf.

I know what you mean. I still do something every day in this game that makes me trillions of isk that I will never admit to because its against the games rules. Literally, bazilllions of isk. I have more isk than all the alliances combined. I could build myself 10 Palatine keepstars if i wanted to.


Joke all you want, but that’s how things work around here.

Who said im joking? Im literally making trillians an hour.

Of course, I took a vow of poverty, so my wallet actually looks quite bare. But I assure you, my methods of making trillions of isk an hour is as true as yours.


I never claimed to make trillions a hour. You imagine salt.