Now that HiSec moon mining is dead

Giving someone good advice and possibly cutting a couple of us out of a lucrative deal is no way to make friends on the forum! :rofl:



i am not sure what you wanted to say but you can sell that stuff … you can refine it and sell the minerals … you can refine it and use the minerals … you can just contract all to me for free if you dont want it … many options but i dont know what you want to hear …


If looking to sell, try EveBuyback. They cash and carry. They offer 90% of Jita buy prices and pick up from any high sec NPC station. All you do is send a contract and it is a done deal. Fair warning tho: I would estimate this would yield you maybe 65 cents in the $ compared to that CCP price of 33.5 B isk.

Highsec Buyback (