Now that HiSec moon mining is dead

WTF am I supposed to do with all this cheddar?



Just add wine and salty crackers.

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Put it into a cargo expanded freighter and autopilot from Amarr to Jita highsec route.


Use it as a cautionary visual reminder of the thousands of hours you spent acquiring it?

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Replies from a bunch of losers.

The obvious answer is he should contract it to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s near Amarr but I don’t feel like hauling it. Make me an offer.

Have you considered trying to sell it to an alliance near where you have it all? Saves them having to haul in the mats from Jita.





ur mean

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Why are you so poor?

bruh That’s like 3,000 Catalysts

No no, I’m solving your problem, you should have to pay me as well, but I am being generous :rofl:

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Throw it in evepraisal and let me know what 95% jita is, and send me mail in game with your expectations.

Round up to 33.6 bil. Take Clary’s offer as I would only offer 20/25 after evepraisal…

How is it dead?? You mean nullsec carebearing is dead??

Moons don’t give decent ore anymore, so base production has been impacted. Thus, highsec moon mining is dead.
Moon ore just doesn’t hold a lot of value for the majority of miners. Veldspar is more profit.

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Give it to the funeral home.

All that compressed ore you have there is, At this time worth 33,x billion isk.
My advice to you , Hold on to it, Wait till the ore’s all have there full dna’s returned, Possibly as late as the end of this year?, then you will have Possibly more then 100 billion, we are in the epoch of scarcity, Dont sell now, dont melt ores to mins now, unless you have no choice. To do anything else with that volume of ore, is to throw away all of its future value, thats isk you already own. you have to but pay the time.
Good Luck to You.