NPC Call Outs In Local - A New Thing

Playing other games the NPC’s will sometimes bait and goad players with ridiculous comments to keep the game interesting.

Why not have new content where an NPC, such as the Triglavian, would call out a Capsuleer in the local channel to come and fight them. The Capsuleer would twenty minutes to try and fit their ship up the best they could against what type of ships could be present. Not giving the upper hand to the NPC’s though, the security ranking of each system would determine the types and numbers of ships in the arena.

For 1.0 to .8 frigates to cruisers, up to five ships (tier 1 ships)
.799 to .6 frigates to cruiser, up to ten ships (tier 1 ships)
.599 to .5 frigates to battle cruisers, up to seven ships (tier 2 ships)
.499 to .4 up to battle cruisers, up to ten ships (tier 1 and 2 ships)
.399 to .2 up to battle ships, up to eight ships (tier 2 and 3 ships)
.199 to 0.0 up to battle ships, up to ten ships (tier 3 ships with the possibility of tier 4)

The difficulty level increases the deeper into low and null sec that you travel but the rewards are much greater. With Triglavian ships the rewards could be anything from mutated modules and components to build Triglavian items with to possibly new types of ore that the Triglavian
have brought with them to build their fleets with in New Eden space.

They have to have some type of ore that is different and can’t be found in New Eden to build their ships with. How else do they avoid the crushing depths of the Abyssal sites where they live?

When called out in local by the NPC, the Capsuleer could form a fleet of up to five ships ranging from frigates to battle ship or they could brave it alone.

Each system would have a random call out between 30 minutes and up to three hours in between each call out or none at all.

The Capsuleer would have twenty minutes to finish the site destroying all ships or after the 20 minutes the NPC ships remaining will disappear along with any wrecks present.

Just an idea to make the chat channels more lively.

So you are suggesting an pve encounter that advertises its presence on local chat?

How would this work with the game mechanics? Would the site be gated in some way, could it be probed down? Could a third party come to the site, steal the loot and kill everyone in it? In other words, would it be instanced space or not?

If it was instanced, wouldent that be against the sand box?

I believe its obvious what he is saying, but let me try to clarify for you simply.

your questions answered.

Instead of only posting mission talk to the local channel only for fleet members, it would post in local for everyone to see. There are no game mechanics involved in chatter going into ‘local chat’.

Well obviously the site would have to be easy for all players to find; event sites have beacons - as this would likely be an event type of site it would be easy to assume it would have a beacon players can warp to.

Well… yes… clearly.

I think you are deliberately attempting to be obtuse in order to troll people.

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