NPC Corporations & The Agency - Career Agents


CCP, the Career Agent feature in The Agency needs to be fixed.

Depending on their NPC corporation, some new players have to manually find their Career Agents instead of having them displayed when they click Agents & Missions —> Career Agents.

Exemple: My corporation is Federal Navy Academy.
When I click Agents & Missions —> Career
Agents the game lists University of Caille
instead of Federal Navy Academy.
For a new player who doesn’t know it, he will start doing the Career Agents missions for the wrong corporation and so his standing with his npc corp. will not go up.
I made the mistake and did a few missions for University of Caille instead of Federal Navy Academy. Thankfully they were missions for the Explorer agent, quick and easy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Aren’t the Career Agents always of the faction’s “School Corporation”? Not entirely sure, has been quite a long time since doing the starter missions…

Yes, but there are different schools for each faction.

The issue is finding the career agents of the right school. See my example.

Have you checked additional settings? The Agency lists the career agents for all three schools of the Amarr Empire to me just fine in the Agent finder. Your tab also lists the CA for Science and Trade Institute for my other char and that char started in STI. My Char that started in Center for Advanced Studies also sees the CAS CA in the Agency.

There are no “additional settings” in The Agency.
Which additional settings do mean? Where?

That’s whst I mean. A new player wouldn’t know if and/or where said additional settings would be.

But it looks like the Agency really does not like FNA. I asked a corp mate and for them the Agency also shows Caille instead of FNA CA.

There aren’t any. I thought you’d be talking about the normal Agent finder, not this specific career agent tab.

This bug is brainless. FNA has CA just like any other school. Just goes to show that the Agency is still a trainwreck even years after its introduction. The agent sorting with the locator agents filter turned on is also inexplicably not sorted by range but by a random factor.

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That’s what I ended up using to find my npc corp agents and their location.

Lots of little issues like that in EvE. They may not be huge issues but it is not what CCP would like the new player to experience, is it?

That isn’t really an issue, as long as the destination is correct.

It is an issue if you want to find agents near you, not 20 jumps away and scroll through tons of agents to find the ones near you because the range jumps from 2 to 5 to 10 to 3 jumps distance seemingly on a random pattern. The nearest agent is also not the first agent in the list, but a randomly selected agent xyz jumps away is.

And it only does that in the general Agent finder. In the specific agent finder cards, it doesn’t do that and instead lists the agents nice and tidy in order of their distance.

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I noticed that, too. And you’re right. The Agency needs more work, along with a dozen other things.

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bumped this to General Issues - EVE Online Forums

I think the best way to report this would be to use the in-game bug reporting, and if possible screenshot the wrong Career Agents being shown.

The steps you did during character creation and afterwards (ie, if you traveled anywhere, etc) will be helpful for the developers to track this down. I haven’t seen this come up in the help channels lately, so not sure where the issue is on this one.

If you use the Career Agents bit in the Agency you’ll always get the original set I believe though.

For small fixes/ideas for the Agency, recommend posting on Little things / Small QoL suggestions

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I don’t know what you mean by “original set” but the issue has been verified:

I will take screen shots and report the bug in game.
Thank you for moving it to the correct section.

The above should always give you the correct career agents aligned with your starting location and corporation.

It doesn’t, at least not for the Gallente pilots. Please read my exemple in the original post.

Now that I’m docked in Couster ( FNA home ) the agency gives me the correct list… ( scratching my head )

It does not. I checked this for FNA with a corp mate. This card gave me the correct CA for STI when I was far away from any STI station, as well as for CAS when I was far away from any CAS station. However, for a char far away from any FNA station it shows Cailles University instead.

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