NPC Delve area

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That will depend on you and the other “thousands of players”. You and those “thousands of other players” must observe, adapt and counteract the actions of other players who use the game mechanics to their advantage in a totally fair manner and stop asking CCP to hold your hand.


I agree, it’s unfair that not every region has such NPC stations nearby that allow smaller groups of players to stage guerilla attacks against the large groups that claim those regions.

To make it more fair, add more of those NPC pirate systems and stations all across New Eden’s null security regions that currently are free of such staging points within a dozen lightyears.


People have been living with NPC for 2 decades. They have consistently made Delve one of the wealthiest and most productive regions in the entire cluster, far outclassing any other region. Vale of the Silent, while not having NPC space in the region itself, but being very easily accessible from low sec and Geminate NPC space, is also one of the most active and wealthiest regions, catching up to Delve. Fountain is another of those “unfortunate” regions with NPC space smack in the middle and has been one of the more successful regions since its discovery.

Your argument is flawed. NPC space does not give unfair advantages and do not make your lives harder. They create an environment for success.

The problem is not NPC Delve. The problem is people like you. People who do not know and do not want to know how to be successful, or in your case, who have forgotten how to be successful. People who want an easy game instead of a good game. People who are incompetent and deliberately misrepresenting fiction for facts to harm the game and community just because they are not good enough (anymore). You are from 2014, a time when Delve and NPC Delve was the stage for major conflicts and battles, and transition of the region from one major block to another.


The Goons…(YOU) choose to live here and should of thought of this before hand, just get good and it wont happen.

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/me facepalms Picard style

Delve, including NPC Delve, has consistently been some of the most sought after and fought over areas in the game.

If you want to remove some of it’s disadvantages, it would only be fair to remove some of it’s advantages too.


AKC wish to formally apologise you feel this way.

As stated previously you’re more than welcome to pay our blue standings tax. Please contact “Lula Dragon” Via in game mail if you wish to discuss further.

The other option is you all chip in together give every member of AKC 150b (there’s 18 of us) we will leave delve for 2 years.

Until then, don’t complain about a region you chose to take.

Thanks, Lowland Dragon


Cry is free


Holy Copium.

No. Everything in this game comes with varying levels of risk, including where you choose to live and operate. From High Security space to Null, to Wormholes and so forth, there is an inherent risk factor at play. You have to adapt to it, accept it or find somewhere that better suits your appetite for risk. If you can’t count on the protection of the Imperium’s Supercap Umbrella for whatever reason, then you need to reconsider what you’re doing or who you’re flying with. This is not for the developers to “fix” for you nor is it their responsibility to handcraft an experience to your personal satisfaction.