NPC Increased Threat

Just pondering the idea that NPC threat increases with your standing towards them ?

Blood Raiders -

if my standing towards them is negative then in a roid field they would prime the person with the more negative standing and the DPS increases according to standing ? just a thought.

Friendly NPC turn on you once you become x negative so makes more sense the pirate NPC would be more bitter the negative you become.

Might also deal with some AFK Orcas too :stuck_out_tongue:

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EVE Online 2020, population: you

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More aggressive npc’s due to bad standing is fine, and already part of the game im sure. The same ships doing more dps due to standing doesn’t make sense though.

And as much as I’d like orca brats getting burned up, anyone losing income to this is going to make it unpopular.

Though its funny to see people wanting npc’s to hunt miners. Yet another blaring indicator that the tools players are supposed to use for this job (ganking and wardecs) has been nerfed too much.

I think he means the NPC fleet would primary his toon for having the worst standing. Sort of like bad blood.

Anyhow. Great suggestion. But there’s more to this scenario OP – friendly NPCs will show some psychological diversity when it comes to ratting out the ratter. Some of them might defect, others will implode in civil war when your faction threatens to override theirs.

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