NPC Kills Gone

What happened to the NPC corvettes that spawned in the starter systems? The ones that dropped civilian weapons? I used to farm them for free SP whenever a skilling spree rolled around but now i’m forced to repeat the tutorial, CCPls fix



The current workaround is to repeat the tutorial, warp to the site with the sleeper drones, abandon the tutorial and kill the drones. That way, the tutorial never ends and you can kill off the sleeper drones relatively easily with your corvette.

Just warp to the nearest anomaly or something with your big ship, or something. Store a frigate for this occasion in home system.

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Troll post?..

No, you’re not.


Bold of you to assume I have anything bigger than a corvette :stuck_out_tongue:

Do the career agents.

Too time consuming, it’s simply faster to repeat tutorial missions. I can get my 10k SP in under 5 mins, then log out.

You can’t want the SP that badly then.

I want it badly enough to spend 5 whole minutes of my life farming tutorial missions. However, back when rogue cloning facilities were around it would’ve taken about 1 minute.

5 whole minutes? A day? How awful.

I know right? CCP should fix those rogue cloning facilities ASAP

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