How long until

…people start shouting that the 3 minute timer to auto-warp after being bumped is too long?

I think it will take maybe 4 months.

Or maybe they will complain about the throwaway alts that warp scram them to reset the timers, first?

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They already do.



You shouldn’t be able to use free corvette for illegal activity, imho.

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If I hand out free knives, and someone uses one to commit a murder, should I be liable?

Hint: they tried this already with guns.

A 150k Condor would be more useful, I agree

A 150k Condor you are paid for and need to have in vicinity is ok, free corvette available everywhere isn’t.

Actually, I believe our taxes pay for those corvettes. So they are not actually free.

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Lol ok, like that minor inconvenience would stop anyone.

I do not trying to stop anyone, just pointed something what bugs me for a while. It’s not like i expect CCP to rush a fix or something.

Again, though, it’s not free. Our taxes pay for those. Do you seriously think that just because you dont pay the firemen to come to your house when it catches on fire, that they aren’t being paid, and that they came for free? Just because you dont pay, doesnt mean they are free.

Is it because they are free?

Im just curious now. Personally I think shuttles should be free and corvettes turned into something more fun

What are you going to do if they complain about it? It is not like suicide tackling is a new thing and it has been employed to tackle any fleeting targets (JF and webbed freighters) for a long time.

I’m not going to do anything. I’m all for ganking and bumping, and personally believe this change will change nothing, and people who have been calling for this change will soon realize that this will change nothing for them.

It won’t prevent ganks, that much is for sure. This change was never intended to do that and people who think it does are delusional.
What I hope it does is put an end to the lengthy bumping process. 10, 20 or even more minutes of bumping are ridiculous. A gank should be: Bump the target so that it does not warp instantly (if you really have to and the 20+ seconds a freighter needs to enter warp are not enough), warp in your gank squad, gank, and done. No wasted time on either side and more time to do other things or gank more ships.

Free and available everywhere. I think they are supposed to be a last resort ship, so you can start from scratch even if you lost literally everything, not ganking tool.

Eehh I see your point, but I dont really see it being worth the time to change it

There are multiple complains already in the pipeline and this is already one of them. No shortage of tears in sight.

No matter how safe and easy CCP makes it for them, it’s never enough. Just one more nerf. Just one more safety button. Just one more…

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The circle of nerf.