How long until

Winter update will change it to 1 minute.

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Why? It is strategically sound to bump an Orca away from an asteroid belt. But the Orca isn’t trying to warp away so the bumping is very usefull. But the freighter on the gate is trying to warp off. And the freighter is bumped because a gank is imminent. This nerf is to stop freighter ganking, plain and simple.

And you can still do that? The timer does not start as long as the ship does not initiate warp.

No, that is not the case. Plain and simple. Ganking does not require bumping, at all. What requires bumping are alt armies. Alt army ganking has pushed normal character ganking out of business, though, and thus it can die off.


Remove the cloaky warp trick

:rofl: :joy: The gankers and PVPs started whining first.

No longer can a player in a corvette perform a null sec troll cyno

I agree it will change almost nothing in the case of overloaded freighters targeted by a team of players. I could see a requirement for suicide point alts becoming standard.

Not sure what that has to do with bumping, but okay. I mean, if you want to choose just any random thing that a pvper whined about, then still, no. Pretty sure this guy is a hisec carebear, by the way he wants Caps back into hisec.

Does this mean the hisec carebears started whining first?

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