That is a lot of podcasts and other media.

Can you expand on what you have achieved ingame, specifically in wormholes? Looking at your killboard you have only had kills on 3 days in 2021. With your lack of PVP experience, how do you think you will understand the actual issues that face wormholers?

Got my vote :+1:

Need a wormhole CSM, and preferably someone that’s not absolutely braindead.


Thank you for your insightful comment at attributing my lack of PVP activity for the year 2021 as a total lack of experience in PVP. The only reason I didn’t bring it up in my post was an attempt to decouple IRL from the game. I work in the medical field in the US and my office has been working around the clock to get ready for vaccination efforts as well as dealing with the extreme surges in COVID-19 cases, which has caused me to spend less and less time in game as the disease progressed across the nation. Not that this is what I’ve desired, but it’s the harsh reality of the world we’ve experienced lately. Because COVID-19 is soon coming to an end, I fully expect my activity levels to increase.

So to answer your question, I will absolutely understand the “actual” issues wormholers face because I have been and continue to be an active participant in the community and ecosystem from either the front lines or looking at data surrounding issues we face from the sidelines.

Some of my in game achievements include:

  • Successfully bringing together parts of the 2/5/n and whaling community in my discord to help each other catch and kill larger targets outside of their engagement capabilities

  • Preventing a WH PVP entity (PGGB and OI) from fail cascading after it’s leadership decided to suddenly quit the game because they folded under the pressure of eviction from Inner Hell

  • Successfully ran a mid sized multi timezone, multi corp alliance with no training, little experience, and little outside help. During this time, I worked diligently to repair the damaged integrity and image of that organization.

  • Moved my corp into the high class environment against all advice at the time indicating that high class was dead in order to be part of the solution rather than adding noise to the problem

  • I take great pride in training groups of greenhorns and work with them on an individual and group basis to help them get acquainted and used to high-class wormhole life. While I haven’t been able to do it lately, between July 2019 to June 2020 I measured a 72% player retention rate (in my corp) with 90% of those players continuing to play for at least 4 months or more after initially being recruited.

While I will absolutely admit that I am not as hardcore of a player as I was 10 years ago on my previous characters, I hope that you can look beyond my recent killboard activity as the sole contributor to my ability to represent Jspace as a whole and the issues that we face.

Hey Tiberius

I’m glad to see someone running to represent wormhole space, but I am also a bit worried about your seeming lack of activity. You say it is because of COVID, but your killboard shows that you have barely been active in the years before (or ever, actually). Then, the corp which you supposedly saved is also barely active, almost all their kills being leeched from SYNDE, with one or two corp members on the mail. But all that aside and assuming good faith, granted that you won’t be able to play much at all, what are you avenues for staying in touch with the

? Can you just briefly mention what the current problems are so I may convince myself of your understanding of current wormhole space?

Additionally, given that you won’t be playing much and don’t have people in your corp who do, won’t you be entirely dependent on third parties to tell you what is going on and what needs attention? How will you resolve that tension? Will you need your own CSM?

I hope I have not been too confrontational, but those are sincere concerns. I have seen your wormhole podcast a few times and I know that you make an effort to listen to people and bring them and their ideas together, but the proposal of such an inactive CSM member needs a lot of convincing on my end.

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Thanks for your reply.

The reality is your PVP experience on your main is extremely limited for someone playing since 2011. It isn’t just about 2021. You mentioned you were more hardcore 10 years ago on previous characters. What are the names of these characters?

It appears to me that you haven’t been able to play much EVE recently due to RL issues. Instead of actually playing EVE you have spent your time on podcasts and other things other than playing the game. I’m puzzled as to why you thought that you were in a position to take part in podcasts to discuss the game if you didn’t have the time to actually play it.

In your original post you decided to lead with a mathematical model you came up with the analyse blue loot. This just comes across to me as a rather strange “achievement” to prioritise.

I’m undecided as to who I will be voting for this year but I won’t vote for anyone just because they happen to be in a wormhole corp. This year, wormholes did better without a “Wormhole CSM” than they did they year previously when they had one.

Unfortunately you haven’t said anything that convinces me you have the current knowledge or expertise to represent the interests of wormholers.

This guy’s resume is strong. He has been DEDICATED to wspace and wspace related issues for many years - longer than some of us have played the game.

Sure his zkill is not littered with daily activity, but he’s also the ceo of a wspace corp. Everyone knows ceos are usually busy managing their corp so their participation in pvp is not always the most active. But it’s illogical to make an inference from zkill alone about a person’s understanding of wormhole mechanics.

Just like the most active F1 pusher in null isn’t exactly the most knowledgeable about null gameplay, similarly Tiberius’ knowledge shouldn’t be misjudged like that.

Look at how he has set up multi-corp community discords like Ye Ol Whaleboaters - because he understands how USEFUL that is for some wormholers. Look at his videos with the Anoikis Connection - you may disagree with him but he KNOWS what he’s talking about.

He has good insight not just about wormhole mechanics but is intimately connected to what the wormhole community wants. He knows lot of wspace folks and he’s well like by the vast majority of us who feel comfortable enough to approach him and discuss wormhole related topics with him.

Say what you will about his zkill, but the fact is, there can be no doubt he’s well liked, well known and knowledgeable about wspace… he clearly cares about wspace a lot. He’s set aside his leisure time from his life to go beyond just playing eve through the eve client- he’s made serious efforts outside it as well, to give all wormholers a better eve experience.

That’s gotta count for something.

Bottom line: he’s a good person. He’s friendly. I trust his eve knowledge and I notice his dedication. He’s got my vote.

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I’ve not seen anything to convince me he does understand wormholes enough to represent the interests of wormholers.

He is the CEO of a corp which is pretty inactive. So he doesn’t play much and his corp doesn’t play much either. Most successful wormhole CEOs are active. Whether he is a nice guy or not is pretty irrelevant. I’m not going to vote for anyone based on whether I like them or not. I’ll happily vote for someone I dislike intensely if I think they are the right choice.

Whatever you might suggest there clearly is a doubt as to whether he is knowledgeable about jspace. Playing EVE and talking about playing EVE are very different things. There are far too many people who like to talk about playing EVE but don’t have the practical experience to understand how mechanics play out in the game itself.

I really don’t think I can bring myself as it stands to vote for someone who openly has said he has been too busy with RL stuff to play the game.

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:+1: Tib for CSM

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