Null Sec Blackout

We should have seen the Drifter attacks coming years ago.

In the deep recesses of the Taisy system lies a lonely mining station called Kyonoke Pit. The station, built 40 years ago by a Caldari mining company owned by the Hyasyoda Corporation, was at that time the largest mining and refining station of tasc (twin atomic superconductor crystal), the core component of inter-stellar communication devices.

Just two days ago The Scope released this video :

The components of the FTL comm systems discussed in the video seem to relate directly to the Kyonoke Pit and the Kyonoke Plague. With Tasc being reduced considerably because of the plague and the stations not operating, the FTL comm networks suffering at the hands of the Drifters and Triglavian’s invading New Eden has put an extreme burden on the resources used to power the FTL networks.

Unless Capsuleers are able to come up with missions to harvest the resources needed, in extreme secret of course because once discovered the Drifters and Triglavian’s will go after those missions, then all hopes of restoring the FTL networks might failure entirely.

With both Drifter and Triglavians being merciless and destroying everything that is Caspuleer, the only recourse and suggestion brought to the table is to use the Resonating Deliverance against both races, completely.

Delivery of the Resonating Deliverance to command centers within Drifter and Triglavian territory would be best suited for the MTACs. MTACs (Mechanized Torso-Actuated Chassis) are metal exoskeletons used for heavy duty mining work. They are armed with mining lasers and can be remote controlled or worn by miners.

MTACs make for effective emergency weapons in combat, as they are heavy, virtually immune to anti-personnel laser weapons, and have large, dangerous claws. Some have surface cling abilities that allow them to maneuver in zero gravity.

Only the best of the best Capsuleers will be able to deliver the Resonating Deliverance into the lands of the enemy. Most will be lost, but only a few were needed to plant the Resonating Deliverance. Those that survived the expedition would never be able to rejoin the populace of New Eden however, forever locked behind electronic fields and barriers, cast in stone and memory.


Such drivel