Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur
capsuleer flying with my fleet, we conquer the verse
undock and hit the gate, we’re making it work
now our enemy’s crying like a noob, because they got served

. . . . . . . . .

so let me just say now, AI is a mistake
but still
apple bottom jeans? not really
fleets hitting the gate? yeah we do that
join UMAH

Falkine Nimwrath

Returning after a 10 year break. Main has 246 million SP, 3 alts with between 107 million and 50 million SP including a JF pilot and a fully skilled Rorqual pilot (my Rorqual is old enough to still have large rigs). Enjoy small gang PVP and industry Eastern US time zone.

Enjoy a more laid back play style with good people, no time or inclination for BS corp or alliance politics. You all still in Syndicate?

Hello Aurora.

We reside around Fountian and Outer Rings these days.

Hiya Aurora!!

i promise that this reply was in fact NOT written by ChatGPT cause i still have no idea what the heck that was. . . . . not that i won’t do it again when i’m lazy.

so UMAH is super interested in chatting to see if we’re a good fit. if your able to can you join our discord and send me (Falkine Nimwrath) a ping so we can work through the recruitment process?

just to front load a bit of info. Our corp is based (as valeria said) in outer ring though we still poke our nose into syndicate here and there. We are members of The Initiative so we do take part in some of the big block politics however tbh our first priority is always our corp level community. Because thats our priority we are, at least in my oppinion, one of the most laid back groups of mostly professionals and dads in the game. Keeping our nose out of drama is pretty critical cause when most of our players only have a handful of hours they can put into this game a day or week wasting it on petty stuff is not interesting at all.

hope this gives you an idea of our culture and that we can discuss more specifics later on discord

Falkine Nimwrath

There once was an EVE FC,
Who led his fleet to victory.
His heart was pounding,
As enemy ships were surrounding,
But he prevailed with skill and strategy!

this eve online limerick brought to you by silly AI technology.
writing recruitment posts can be done by ai, but shooting space ships needs pilots
come join UMAH for glory

falkine nimwrath

Are you winning son?

don’t simp
keep games fun
transcend the meta
best ship is friendship

falkine nimwrath

Looking for more players in all timezones o7 Jump on our discord for a chat :slight_smile:

Hello there !
I’m very interesting to join your corp !
I already join you discord and ready to work along with you :slight_smile:

Best regards


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Recruitment still open, Jump into Umah_pub ingame or our Discord for any questions or want to know what Umah is about.