Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Indy/mining, explore, and of course, explosions!

Come by UMAH_PUB for a chat if you are interested

We had a chat in Corp last night and worked out that we are all… Old!
So if you are old and have a RL, come chill with us.
Have a laugh, splode some rocks or ships… Your choice

Still looking for members who is looking for a nice time, small/medium corp with RL as prio but still want the fun out in NPC NULL space <3

And as Cyget wrote up here ; We are old … and old peeps done do toxic very well so nothing of that sort are interesting please =) EU / US / AU … we are all spread out! :slight_smile:

We are a Corp of folks who can create their own content, but also like playing together.
RL first! If that’s sounds good to you, come join us!

Bounce it back to the top! We’ve got some new folks in…well…new ‘old’ folks, but we’ll take em!
We’d love to fly with you!

We are on the recruiting trail again! Swing by for a chat if you are interested

Recruitment open - join our pub to get to know more or contact one of our recruiter.

We are growing slow and steady, which is just what we want!
Swing by for a chat in our Pub channel if interested

Looking for a few more pilots! Any tz, just want mature folks who want to be in an inclusive, supportive environment.

We expect you to be able to handle yourself in Null, and create your own content.
You can expect us to create some fun content, give advice/help when needed, and have a laugh with you.

Check in at our pub channel if interested

Bumpity bump

Come fly with us! Mission Running is a thing in NPC null. Interested? We do loads of other things as well,but yeah,come chat with us if you’re keen

Still looking for pilots <3
Get your shiny ships to NPC null and try your luck with us in UMAH.

Still looking for pilots!

Rocks…Ships…Heads…We explode them all!

Join us today!

Industrial minded? Mining? Want to head out in Null sec but not SOV? Then give us a try in NPC null <3
Friendly space with pvp action but still able to sort your industrial urge if you want!

Important - Non toxic stuff goes in the corp so no need to join in if you know that you like being a douche. Also, RL = good stuff… we want ppl who knows that RL comes first and you play EVE to enjoy it, not to make it a duty :slight_smile:

Join in, both in industry and pvp! You help us grow, and we help you with a tight knit community where you aren’t a big block #### pilot where nobody knows you. Be part of the group and set the future course of UMAH.

Picture above is happening now, waiting for enemy fleet to arrive to one of our structures on armor timer :slight_smile: We want you, we need you!

Edit: Went well, armor timer repped <3

Not any news - we still looking for PVP / Industrial / Mining pilots, ~semi experience, no need for massive skillpoints. NPC null sec :smiley:

Oldies but goldies - we aren’t very happy with toxic ppl so if you see yourself as such, I’m sure you can find another corp <3

Take your time, seek us out, UMAH_Pub or Discord (info is in thread here or in UMAH_Pub ingame.
Fly safe!

Morning bump from the EU recruiter <3
If you wanna head out (or in) to NPC null, with a well established alliance leadership, structure network so you can try out your skills in manufacturing, PI, mining or why not the gate camps, CTA’s (not a obligation) or a roam or two? It all goes down to what you wanna do!

We are considered a smaller corporation with the intention to grow! Be part of it, join and shape UMAH <3

  • RL first corp!
  • Maturity is needed (we are mainly old lads and do not seek toxic behaviour)
  • Enjoy EVE - don’t make it your duty! :smiley:

Bumping - we are still seeking pilots <3

Riiiiise and shine!

This is a perfect day to read our recruitment thread!
Looking for mining? Are you a manufacturer? Love those reactions? Seeking small roams? PvP encounters? Gatecamps?

We seek motivated pilots who wish to join, have fun and be part of a growing corporation our in NPC null!

Scroll up and read, see if UMAH can be a match for you <3