Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Riiiiise and shine!

This is a perfect day to read our recruitment thread!
Looking for mining? Are you a manufacturer? Love those reactions? Seeking small roams? PvP encounters? Gatecamps?

We seek motivated pilots who wish to join, have fun and be part of a growing corporation our in NPC null!

Scroll up and read, see if UMAH can be a match for you <3

I have returned from briefly playing in 2010, so while that might make you think i am a more older experienced player I still had alot to learn and do.
I am familiar with WHS, Thera, 0.0, but by no means am a seasoned experiened pvp pilot.

What I am looking for is a corp that is in null sec / WH space who also operate in low sec.

Let me be clear I have cruiser leveled ships so right now in EVE I need to be with peopel who are in low sec to do escalations and ratting. I do not have the money or skills to go further up yet, unless with a group, so right now I am looking for low sec corps.

I currently have a corp, they are great, but they only operate in high sec and null sec, so i need a corp who have a population of people in low sec to do ratting of refuges
dens hidden dens etc, things at the cruiser level.

Ideally i would want to be with a corp that splits loot based off of who was there, and if there was a salvager with mtu that would be perfect.
I dont neeed a huge corp but even if theres 2-8 people willing to play in low sec for this reason, to farm and rat, i would be interested.

thank you. and please feel free to shoot me a mail or conversation on eve! mBlandizzi

UMAH is in a growing phase and that’s exacly where we want to be! Be part of us, get new friends, mine one day and blow something up the other! (… or get blown up) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, we have not much /any operations within Low Sec I’m afraid :-/ Escelations aswell very rare doings. I hope you have already found a corp that matches your needs mate <3