Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Recruiting all tz’s!!
AU wing is growing, we’d love to have you join us!

Lets bump this up!

And goodnight US, good morning EU and awesome afternoon you AU lads! :smiley:

Help UMAH on both PVP and our industrial wing to grow from a small into a medium sized corp! o7

Was way too long ago we bumped this right don’t you think ladies and gents? Come have a talk and help us expand UMAH into a medium sized corp, all TZ coverage with PVP and Indy focused players! :slight_smile:

Hey you, US / EU / AU … get yourself a nice, friendly corp with hopes to become a medium sized corp on several timezones <3

Bumpy :wink: Still looking for a bunch of laid back industrial ppl, miners and PVPERS <3


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come fly with us, and help us win eve… autz eutz ustz all welcome

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Agree on above ^^ Lets JOIN and WIN :wink:

To the Top!!!

Fly with us in syndicate… Indy/pvp pilots we want you!!!.. all tz’s excepted

Join us in syndicate!!! Pvp/manufacturing/mining/pve … you want it, we do it…

Have a chat with us and see if we match well! o7 we seek pvp and indy folks :slight_smile:

come join us… accepting all timezones

to the top

Up up up - and yea - we still seek awesome, laid back indy and pvp pilots to join us in NPC space o7

spend your summer inside with us…

Great corp, highly recommend giving UMAH a go! We’re also part of an awesome Alliance, VeGA.

For all you miners out there, I regularly make 1 bil isk a day on our moons and ice belts!! And yes we have all the rest of the infrastructure for all your Indy needs, bells and whistles included.

come have have fun in syndicate friends… cheers and fly safe :wink:

To the glorious top!!!