Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Seeking you … so … so hard :smiley: Join the UMAH corp and feel just as old as we do :slight_smile:

For the love of god - WHERE IS ALL THE EU PILOTS?! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes - we still recruit all tz :wink:

Hey hey hey!! Still looking for pilots! Fun RL first, corp here! <3

Up up up … we seek more players to join our adventure in NPC nullsec :slight_smile:

Now this is a story of about how, my life got upturned by a guy called Ravvor
I was chilling and dying in the space called eve when this guy almost changed my mind not to leave.
He spoke to me, Joked at me and gave me advice,
about how I can chicken stir fry myself some Mice.

Bought me a ship or two, jumped em top null
Mining hard gave me a good “Yeah dunno what rhymes with Null”
We were roaming and mining, Jumping and Flying, Then CVA said " Bros help us stop from dying"
So we jumped in our ships and expected to die, but these mother f*****s showed us how to fly.

So now in sat here with whiskey in hand, telling you all of a station to land,
We took some space out in ORE, and it is cheaper than a ten-dollar W***e
So come along and give us a go
If you dont like us then ultimately you blow.

I deserve a bloody oscar for this!

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Been in corp two weeks. Solid base of veteran players.

Come in contact, lets have a chat and see if we can be a good match :slight_smile:

Umah_Pub ingame, you will find me / discord details there.

We aren’t the biggest baddest out there with SOV space to deliver you … BUT … we are a solid, friendly, old but not grumpy group of ppl who wish to enjoy our game time, work together, build our corp together - and this is done in NPC Nullsec! :slight_smile:

Read the recruitment thread, check in on discord/ingame and have a word with me or someone in the Umah_Pub :smiley:

Join the comfy NPC space with UMAH corporation!
We seek both PVP and PVE focused pilots - all timezone :slight_smile:

Seeking pilots to join the community or some awesome ppl, have fun, enjoy some NPC nullsec, get the corp growing, move forward!

Across all TZ o7