Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

We have a quality group of experienced, mature pilots here. Great environment with lots of content options. Come check us out.

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Seeking more pilots to join our growing team! Mature old and hot - that’s us! + kind :wink:

Still seeking pilots to join - NPC nullsec corporation, laid back, respectful and friendly! All timezones as always <3

o7 morning morning EU peeps and sleep well US :wink:

UMAH is still looking for pilots! Join our expansion, get yourself to NPC nullsec and lets work together as a team! :slight_smile:

UMAH still looking to grow! NPC nullsec corp. PVP / INDY! All timezones welcome!

Two main guidelines.

  • Non toxic! We do not seek ppl who can’t behave or haven’t been taught respect.
  • RL comes first! UMAH have just a major bunch of oldies with familys and other commitments so we wont demand your activity! Play EVE to enjoy it and not to make it your job! If you aren’t into such naughty behavior ofc :stuck_out_tongue:

All timezones - PVP and INDY … we need it all <3

o7 EU goes sleepy mode soon but catch me on in a few hour :wink: We seek all timezones!

We are still growing and looking for likeminded pilots. Get in touch now!

All timezones , friendly, mixed indy/pvp , growing phase! Join and see how you can help Umah and how we can help you enjoy some hours gametime :slight_smile:

Seeking pilots to our mining/pvp corporation - still growing & having more fun as we progress!

Join us for a superb chance to start in a corporation to build and grow within ! All timezones, friendly and on the path forward! :smiley:

Recruiting - active corp, growing and wanna move forward! Indy and PVP! All timezones <3

Get here and enjoy the game :slight_smile:

I’ve been in UMAH for a few months now since returning to the game and have found it to be a brilliant corp.
great energy and well motivated with a lot of people able to help out with the game new features.
We have some great opportunities to make isk and even better ones to loose it !.

For me UMAH is a corp that is organised and moving forward while been a friendly and fun environment.

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Pilots of everywhere - PVP’ers and industrialists … recruitment is open and we wish to welcome you into UMAH o7

Was a great fight yesterday, fun and learning for sure :slight_smile: Not sayin this is something occuring often but shows we are a mixed group of players, industrialists and pvp’ers.
For a bunch this was the first time to be part of a battle this size.

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Not much changes since yesterday … we still recruit o7

Still recruiting o7 :slight_smile:

Recruitment ding ding ding … it’s open (still) :smiley: hehe