Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US]

Hi Ricoh! Come by our ingame chat if you have any questions for us!

We are looking for mature players from all tzs

Particularly, our alliance is looking to fill in our US/AU presence

Still looking for more people to join us. Miners, Industrialists, Explorers, Wormholers, even casual PVPers are welcome. :wink:

We are looking to expand our members for mining, industry and pvp operations in the USTZ and AUTZ. Located in NPC space (Syndicate), we offer a casual corp for new members, veteran members or anyone with a real life who wants to return to the game.

Recruitment is open for pilots everywhere.

Actively recruiting AU/NZ tz players! We are primarily Indy/miners who love a good fight from time to time.

Swing by our pub channel for a chat if you are keen!

We are recruiting all tz’s!

UMAH is all about mature players who want to work together towards a common goal and enjoy good company.

We are a no drama, RL first group, so if that suits you, come by for a chat in our pub channel!

Still looking for Bitter Vets, New Bros, or anyone tired of their current situation. We are in NPC null, no Sov drama here. Miners, Industrialists, PVEers and PVPers are encouraged to join.