Null sec without large blobs

TiDi kills the fun in null sec battles. Why it does not in WH battles? Cause not that many players can get together to burn the server. One of the solutions, IMHO, can be to lower amount of players, capable of fighting together. Disband large power blocks…


Gates. In high sec and low sec Concord takes care of them, so they always lead where they lead before. But imagine, that in Null, after constallation gate let certain (rather high) mass through, it starts reinitialisation and switch its destination to some other (random) constallation. Even to constallation in some other region. Same with region gates, just critical mass should be lower so they switch more often. With time, null sec map will be to scattered for large blocks to be effective. Local market, local resources will matter more. New neighbours will mean new PVP opportunities. Of cause bridges and jumps will still be there, but they will not save even goons or PL from falling apart , if their constallation will be scattered all over the globe. It will be very hard to organise large battles even if you keep all your supercapital alts into one constallation.
For some insane amount of money alliance will be able to slow down gate collapse, but not for ever. People will be able to roll gates with caps / supercaps etc…

No CCP should improve their game they wasted more than enough money for dead projects instead of improving EVE

And why my suggestion can not be an improvement? Just because it will burn down all current politics, decaying the null?

People want huge fights they want to be where the huge fights are not scattered around by some mechanic to save CCP incompetence.For example that one noob in a battleship will be thrilled to get to shoot a capital ship that one titan pilot would love to boson that careless bs fleet.
Alot of the grunts love to see their allied caps come in it makes them feel good to be with those guys and have something to aspire towards

So much for that.

Yes hard knocks is the PIBC of wh space now

It was an exception.

“People want huge fights”?
If my suggestion implemented, there still be battles with supercaps and stuff. Just instead of 4000 players in system there will be 1000. Which is also a big number but still easier to maintain.

Hundreds of caps were also used to destroy BURN’s Keepstar. With capitals, capital production and structures in W-space, W-space will also only know one direction from here on: down the drain.

The easiest way to fix EVE is to just delete supers, titans, rorquals, structures and severely nerf capitals.

Best thing is they can’t move all of those caps at once so they got a go through this silly multiple week or month seeding.

And what was the TiDi in those WH battles? Why remove big toys if you can adjust rules for their usage?

Little bit of a saving grace, although HKI and Co used an Azbel in BURN’s system to apparently produce the capitals locally in addition to seeding. Which in turn requires lots of people to defend that asset, which in turn leads to bigger blobs.

Apparently no tidi, according to some articles.

Why remove the big toys? Because you cannot control them. CCP has been failing at that for the last 5 years and even went so far as to completely give up and open the flood gates for their extreme proliferation.

This unfairly biases against attackers.

Think about it. Defenders have jump clones, staged doctrines, and jump freighter docking points to seed. Attackers need to try and trickle in.

The attackers would be fish in a barrel.

Let say constallation gate has mass restriction, that will allow two weeks of intense usage. Attacker has two weeks to use the gate, which leads from their own home world, where he has same “jump clones, staged doctrines, and jump freighter docking points” as defender. Just one jump behind the gate.

The hallmark of a bad idea is when you have to start adding exceptions for every-day use. That being said, this would be utter cancer. Every 2 weeks you can reduce your travel time to a single gate, anywhere in New Eden?

kspace != jspace

If we wanted to live in wormholes, we would.

Not just NO, F NO!!!

Nope… the actual solution would be implementing two proper nag screens:
“input window active, place your orders”
“calculating tick, please hold”

The first would allow to clicky your action. The second would be the Waiting Game, same as the old turn-based games, with the added advantage that further input would be ignored ( including warping in) .

I don’t think that outside the Big Clusters ( which aren’t suited for this kind of thing) there isn’t a clout of hardware in the world that can actually handle the sheer amount of cross-data a big EVE battle generates.
It may well be that what we want is simply not feasible with current technology…

So you telling me. An alliance that can line up 3000 combat pilot. Should be punished and only be able to use 1000 of that 3000 because CCPs server cant handle all of them?

And you would be happy to be the 1001. person who jumps into that system with a pimp battleship or T3 and get thrown into Tama camp randomly because thats a neat mechanism to nerf Power Blocks.

Is this a joke or you are seriously trying to ask for something liek this?

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