Null Sec

Hello ladys and gentlemans

I want to ask you what I need to go to the null sec.
What I want to say is what is the recommended level to live in null sec.ç


You need to join a nullsec alliance and become a loyal line member. There is not much to prepare, as a nullsec life and what you can and must do, is fully dependent on the people in your chosen alliance.

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There is no recommended level. But you should be able to use tools you plan to use there. Vexor Navy Issue is an entry level to ratting in null. Which means good heavy drones skills. Exploration sites will require more hacking skills, than in high sec as well. You can fly in null from your very first day in eve , but you will suffer from the lack of tools. PVP in null is mostly being in blob fighting another blob. And each blob has its own doctrine.
TL;DR: find the a nice looking corner of the Galaxy (dotlan map is a help here), find out who is living there in your time zone (via zkillboard , for example) and contact them. Good team will tell you what ships you will need to have fun there and you will see, what skills you need for them.

No level etc… you can go now.

I do recommend to join a corp that is active in null:

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With enough experience you can even life in nullsec on your own. But that requires a fair bit of knowledge an usually is not that much fun. So if you don’t have this experience, it’s a very, very good idea to join an alliance that can help and teach you.

But as stated before: No “level” restrictions. Find a group that is willing to take you and go right away.
Just don’t pack everything you own in an Industrial and try to fly it to your new home. (it only would explode)

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Being “loyal” is not actually required.

Why the new thread?

Didn’t you ask this already in this thread:

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if you wanna go to null … go to the ingame recruitment channel … there are a lot of guys looking for players … that should be easy

what skills you need? how much experience you need?
i have no idea … depends all on what you want todo in null
everything is possible … so go there and have fun!!

fly safe


I guess some would say you can go right to nul, as your corp mates would help, I tried that and found myself dling nothing at all because everything was locked behind NPCS, esspecially the battleships.

In my expert opinion as I just started this account, you should have a tech1 cruiser with full tech1 fittings before you go out to nul.
Yes clearing stuff takes awhile but you should have no problem doing it yourself, no need for people to baby sit you.

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