Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!

Cloaking devices are next.

That is true for ships that already have some level of warp stabilization (venture or DST) all other ships start at 0. so, no my math wasn’t wrong. i just should have said i meant on any ship that isn’t inherently stabbed. A perfect example is a null sec ratting ship (like the ishtar) would be maxed at -2 stab. there for a faction scram would beat it by 1

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It adds 2 strength according to sisi (Warp scramble strength -2). So 1 faction scram is enough to counter it

Where are you getting that info? On SISI it shows that all versions give a -2, not a -3. What new stats have you looked at?

Direct copy of stats on SISI right now.

Activation Cost 80.0 GJ
Max Modules Of This Group Allowed 1
Structure Hitpoints 40 HP
Reactivation Delay 150.00 s
Volume 5 m3
Allows activation whilst cloaked from a stargate jump True
Drone Bandwidth Penalty -50 %
Scan Resolution Bonus -40 %
Maximum Targeting Range Bonus -40 %
Activation time / duration 15.00 s
Tech Level Level 2
Warp Scramble Strength -2
Cannot Auto Repeat True
Meta Level Level 5
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Just tested it on SISI, one faction scram (vs one WCS) stopped me

So more useless than before, nice balance.


its actually better (on an individual basis). old stabs gave 1 these give 2 but you can only have one

I mean when it had -3, when rebalance was announced. They changed it to -2 now.


If that’s the case, then maybe you ought to rethink your suggestion because it is so bad that people feel the need to flood you with spam because they are so upset and frustrated and disappointed about it.

Regardless of if there were any reasons for slow mode or not, the point is that it should be turned off by now because @CCP_Dopamine said so in the opening post, or the opening post should be adjusted. Which they actually have done now by removing the “SM lasts 1 week” statement completely. While not ideal people at least now don’t get any wrong ideas about CCP’s competence anymore. In other words, these complaints made CCP a tiny little bit more aware of their own actions. Great. Now they just need apply the same level of awareness to the 19.04 general feedback topic. :slight_smile:

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So, cloaky camping still not fixed, big priority on ■■■■■■■ over the carebears with yet another dumbass change. If WCS are such an issue for bots, just change them to make drones slow af or cut the bandwidth or control range by 75%. Lordy lord this game keeps getting harder to stay subbed to


If you did this, now let us do the same with the rest of the active modules in the game , as also pre-overheating them.

Well done CSM and CCP. two thumbs up
Sorry, j/k.

This is a screw-up in progress?? the changes seems to only be catered to the needs of CSM/sov owners/war parties/smallgang.
This is a half measure, and it’s only directed to “fleet combat” or such.
it totally screws over the majority of people flying nullified, you know the ones that do it for FAST and safe-ish travel.

If you bring mod/ship changes to the table, you open up the door to so many BETTER options.
These changes are not good for people legit flying interceptors and t3c for travel?

I wish CCP/CSM would be candid and openly wanting a debate topic, with a clear statement “we want this because of X reasons” … it’s very hard to express a valued opinion about something, and add constructive comments, when people don’t know what the agenda is.


[quote=“Rheinhard_Kurtz, post:896, topic:310760, full:true”]
yup, I find it amazing that on the one hand: 70% of players never leave hisec, and on the other hand, their money that is presumably worth the same as any nullsec living person, does not entitle them to the same courtesy and respect for their opinions.
[/quoteWell said. CCP is being very unwise. Corporate history is littered with failed companies who tried tell people what they should want instead of giving them what they want. A small minority of people, including CCP themselves are speaking as though destruction being a good thing is a given. Why? a certain amount it, sure…but why does more = better without limit? Because it’s when CCP gets on BBC News, that’s why. A lot of CCP’s behaviour is dominated by a shallow pursuit of fame through a record breaking capacity for destruction of real wealth, in an effort to convert the exposure into more subs. It all happened when they accepted they weren’t going to beat the black market for toons and isk, and created a system to convert hard currency into skills and isk. I can’t say I disagree with how they went about it. But, for the first time, monetary value could be assigned to losses in a battle, and they start making headlines. They are now literally incentivised to make us lose as many ships or as much time as possible.

The problem, is that this system doesn’t go both ways. As there is no way for people to get hard currency out of the game, by selling what they produce within it, isk is essentially a pegged currency and plex is the reference rate. Naturally, there’s a strong incentive to manipulate the currency through changing the reference rate and deflating or inflating its hard currency value, or through rampant market manipulation and fudging of numbers. It’s the only way to have a sham economy with no truly independent actors, free from scrutiny or hindrances, but still maintain the illusion of freedom in certain places, enough to coax foreign investment (new subs). CCP can only keep chasing those headlines and increase both its profits and its subs by manipulating the economy of New Eden. If they change plex’s hard currency price to encourage buying to make the isk price go down or stay flat while manipulating resource distribution to make ship prices rise, that ship now has greater real world monetary value and its destruction either gets them headlines, makes you spend more time in the game to recover what you lost, or spend more real world money. New Eden does not have a free market.

But then, should we be surprised by any of this? The destruction of wealth, sham economy, currency manipulation. After all, we’re talking about the CCP…

Personally, I don’t think Socialism “with Chinese characteristics’” is a good model for a game.


Damn, damn you. You may have purchased this game, but I wonder what will you do when this game is not us. Enough is enough, you ruined the game. You don’t have a brain, you can’t try to make money by making everything difficult, let the game be as it used to be, if the players have fun, they spend money. There are very few people to spend money on when they have difficulty, they are just the rich ones. But people of all statuses spend money when they are entertained. There is a lot to say to you, but it does not end with writing. I am rebelling, I invite all the players.


I am very late to the thread but I want to add a voice to the concern about small gang hunting Interceptors being nerfed. I do understand that Interceptors were not always nullified but that was during a time when we didn’t have automated discord pings when neutrals entered your space.

It requires skill and luck to catch people today and the additional delay from a double-bubbled gate is harsh. This role seems to be the most adversely affected and is, I imagine, hardly the one that was being targeted.


i like how the fleet interceptors litterly are disfunctional with the current iteration of the changes. Do a little experiment.

Take a Crow and fit a t2 disruptor on it then add the nullification module overlaod your disrutpor and see if you can lock as far as point.

also you lose 1 low slot that then hinders you to even fit the thing in any usefull way sure no gun fits but is it supposed to have no guns no then it would be given guns in the first place.

Nullification allways was a powerfull tool reason why the interceptors in particular t3 cruisers in extention where very “weak” t2 frigs a interceptor has about the hp as a t1 frig and the damage output of one.

so can you fit a interceptor with the nulli mod yes you can but it will not be able to be in the system with his targets quickly and even if he will even more so die to a fart in his direction the function of “getting quick points and hold it till slower reinforcments arrive” is severly hampred with the current itteration of the changes. Its neither quick anymore nor does the interceptor bolster the support stats to carry the nullication module.

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this have prob been reported 100 times but i will do it anyways just incase BUG ID: ID EBR-219319

if you jump a gate whit the mod running the cooldown is not showing on the mod when you load grid, the cooldown is ofc still active and counting down but only way to see that is to try to activate it
tested in a stilleto and t2 nulli

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They were the original stats, seems they updated them, makes them even more useless than they already were, but i don’t fit them anyway so not really an issue

No its because people will reply to a post, then scroll down and reply to another, and scroll down and reply to another, instead of just posting 1 large reply to each post, its not about people being upset about something and posting its about them replying to people and that spamming the thread as a result meaning there are far more posts to have to deal with, it also prevents people from replying to pointless stuff as they would then lose the ability to reply to something that actually needed a response, you realise out entire conversation fits that right?

Oh noes, something that got changed and they forgot to update it, yeah not something that really needed a post or reminder about given its literally insignificant, especially when people also post that it wasn’t done clearly because CCP doesn’t know how to do it

Normal people weren’t getting the wrong idea

Actually im ok with your current changes. Just have a look if you need to improve targeting on intys. Everything else is ok.


If this goes ahead, every single ship that had nullification beforehand just lost a low slot across the board without exception (in order to do poorly what they did fine before).