Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!

Getting closer to what needs to happen, but you missed the mark yet again. This change should be put in the garbage, but yet CCP continues to show that they don’t care that this change will continue the game’s march into the dumpster.


I think the change and rebalance of the modules was not needed in first place.


But muh pvp. The only answer CCP ever has. Screwed the Venture probably. CCP moves ore around. Says its good for the game and miners. Okay. You go to low sec with a Venture. Cause you mine. You use the stuff. Then CCP does this. Gankers rejoice. Okay. PVP players rejoice. Okay. Kinda sucks for the rest of us.

But muh pvp. But muh destruction. Destroying the game. I started logging in less and less. I stopped paying for alt accounts. I mine. It is what I doe. I care not what anyone else does. I am solo. It is how I play. I also spend my money on things I like. Does CCP listen? Nope.


Stealth bombers are disallowed to have nullification module in the most recent update on the test server. The dev team behind this stupid update, while having extremely low understanding of the game, have it not that low to overpower wretched Stealth bombers even more.

Wrong. Tackling ceptors suffer the most from this “update”. Their ability to penetrate bubble blockade is nerfed into the very ground. Ratting systems will now be bubble-■■■■■■ many jumps ahead. Even with its bonus, ceptor tackler will need many minutes to pass every system. Even Rorqual will have enough time to finish its cycle and dock up.

Literally the only ship class that is winner in this update. Astero with its align less than 2 sec, cov.cloak how has nullifier becomes absolute IMBA.

While these hull types get some benefit from this “update”, the drawback is critical - these ships are forced to wait on the other side of the gate for 1 minute. Enough time for gatecamp to switch side of the gate. Warp core stab can only give +2 now (not +3 as it was in the original announcement) - any tackler will easily win against such transport.

Though warp core stab strength of 2 makes them (especially DST) very vulnerable to normal tacklers.

You have no idea of what you are talking about. This “update” murdered the Yacht. It cynically raped the poor Yacht, murdered it, raped the corpse, dismembered the body, buried everything and urinated on the grave.

Yacht was wonderful because of its nullification and considerable shield. Good nomad implants made its align time very pleasant, low slots finished the job of keeping align time less than 2 seconds and added 2-3 warp core stabs. With speed 8 AU/s of the Yacht, blockade couldn’t even rush after the Yacht.

Now its ■■■■■■■■. The Yacht MUST wait 1 minute on the other side of the gate. Its great speed of 8 AU/s became severe drawback - it maximized waiting period on the other side of the gate, maybe even beyond cooldown of nullification module. Any interceptor with 3 points can take down Yacht now.

Nobody complained about travelceptors. Travelceptor is easily taken down by 2 smartbombing battleships, not 4.

Nobody complained. Nobody. Ever. You are trying to rationalize reasons behind this update while there were no rational reasons for that.

The general consensus is:
“CCP in this update is ‘fixing’ something, that was never broken”


Slowly moving toward something good, that’s nice to see we are geting listened to.
At least my ceptors won’t lose a lowslot now I guess :confused:

The victorieux yacht will be in need of a second high slot tho.
Also a basic rollback of the change and just leyving fleet ceptors/T3Cs as they were before would make things way easier as all the changes to the initial change are made because of those 2 ship types that would have been killed by the initial proposal.

This is starting to look good now.

Sounds good at first glance, need to see it on SiSi. Hope T1 means also faction (I don’t want to see nullified Asteros). Next the tackle ceptor nerf (scan res, fitting, delayed by double bubble gates). What’s planned here?

I’m a bit sad to see t1 frigs taken off the listing, but can livee with it, thought it would lead to some more open movement of small groups to play around a bit(but still limited because of the penalties and cooldowns), but is what it is, otherwise alright with the direction this is headed

we need moar Leopards… :laughing:

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Seems the Helios, the only T2 CovOps explorer with 2 high slots, is going to be very unpopular.


Thank you for listening to the feedback. This is a set of good changes, in my opinion. The high slot makes fitting and balacing of drawback/reward in choosing nullification like an interesting problem to solve, instead of straight up killing your tank. This also makes purely tackle interceptors viable again! I was looking forward to the shenanigans of Tech I Frigates potentially fully nullified, but I am kind of glad it won’t be the case and it solves the Escape Bay issue.

Good changes.

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Can we have a new completed overview about the changes and not have it spread like crazy?


the nullfied when burst jammer is fitted is “Fixed” although maybe not on sisi yet

I am going right now to test again

Not until the 50% scanres nerf and cooldown issue (currently it makes the tackler pause for 15-30 at any double bubble gate) is solved.

I am still not clear on what the problem with nullification as it has been exactly is. I have heard quite a bit of chatter regarding the warp core stabilizers and how they affect faction warfare, but not much complaint about nullified ships.

To me, people being able to penetrate into enemy territory in a limited subset of craft doesn’t seem to be a problem. Whether it be an inty or a t3c, the defenders have their pick of far scarier craft that they can field with impunity, if they’re irritated.

I suppose people could field a lot of intys or t3cs, but then it’s reasonable to me that a lot of people in small craft can still present a formidable force or be disruptive to a stodgy established group.

I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot with this, but I liked having light enemy craft come packin’ heat invade my home system from time to time. They’re defeatable, and part of the initial attraction that brought me into null space in the first place. I don’t like to fight. I don’t like to PvP, but I know people who do and I like to help them lose some ships and have some lulz while we try to defend our home turf. The problem I had was that this was discouraged. I was not allowed to provide ‘content’ to the enemy because it might encourage them to return.

I get that people want to be able to defend their territory, and to an extent I have some sympathy for that, but secure territory is boring territory. Letting hunters have a degree of safe travel to threaten us anywhere would seem to be in the game’s best interests, from my point of view at least.


would it be possible to remove the omega requirement of the interdiction Nullifier I now? Alpha clone pilots will only be able to fit it on the Yacht and the t1 industrials. Nothing that can be abused. It only would be a quality of life module missing from alpha clones when they want to transport something.
Best regards
Nessi Narana

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To be brutally honest, while it’s good you are addressing concerns raised regarding the planned update, the fact your team didn’t even realize putting it in a high slot was closer to the ideal does reinforce the lack of faith players have in the devs ability to producing meaningful and positive updates to the game

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nice, that fixes the caldari ceptors but breaks the astero and viator or any othere of the ships whit 2 hi-sec.
cloak + probes is super i,portent in the exploration ships, ofc the viator atlest have cargo space for a depo and probelauncher

so pld maybe think about adding a extra hi-sec that can only be fitted whit the nulli mod or something for ships whit only 2 hi-slots

apprently astero cant fitt the mod so ignore that ship atlest

Luxury Yachts does not need any changes. Please leave it alone. It has no impact on the meta or any kind of changes that would differ the game. Leave it the way it is.