Nullification and WCS Updates – testing has begun!

If there is no celestial in dscan range then use an unexpected angle, i.e. not inline with gates (or with the sun if the campers are trying especially hard). Turn on your anomalies, see if there’s one out of line to the gate from other gates and the sun, then warp from there to the gate.

I’ve found travel through hostile space become much safer now that I can fit a nullification module on my Blockade runner, explorers and T3C (even without nullification subsystem), and ran through many bubble camps and bubbled gates with it.

I also got caught in some bubbles when I forgot to activate the module, so there’s that.

The main things it changed for me is that I now use T2 exploration frigates for exploration (instead of interceptors) and that I now use shuttles for shuttling (instead of interceptors).

I like the changes: a little more safety when you play well, but also more room for error.

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CCP this is a very bad idea… One of my little pleasure was catching these ships with a cloaky Sabre… You are ruining it…
I hate you CCP :unamused:


@Gerard_Amatin Thank you for the anom tip. That’s helpful. I’ve actually tried it before and you’re right, it does work. But given the random nature of that, and the still-present issue of bubbles on both sides for most of the ships, we shall have to agree to disagree on the rest. In my view, you’ve just been lucky so far. I hope that continues to be the case though. o7

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I am doing only explo and don´t like these changes :confused:

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I may have been lucky in some cases, but I also have set up tactical bookmarks on all the gates that I frequent that do not have nearby celestials. Anomalies work sometimes, but the best way to avoid bubbles is to be prepared.