Nullified pod

I don’t HAVE a problem. What problem is it you think avoiding null security space would solve?

You seem to have a very 1-sided view of the issue, in that as long as the interdictor pilot is having a good time, the game mechanic is good. It’s so 1-sided, in fact, that I almost want to refer to it as pathological behavior.

I’m not arguing for nullified pods. I don’t check which clone I’m in before I enter unsecure space and if I’m caught in a bubble in my capsule, I just try to remember to pull out my +4’s and flip the bastard off before boarding the Pod Express back to Jita.

I’m just trying to shoot down some of the stupid arguments against a nullified pod or some such thing. One stupid argument I keep seeing is that “It’s just pixels.” If it’s just pixels, then there is no significance to changing the system versus leaving it as is. Either way, after all, it’s JUST pixels. Another stupid argument is that interdictor pilots are somehow entitled to kill capsules, because ::fun:: or ::risk:: or something. No one is entitled to have fun, certainly not at the expense of others, and why should the game needlessly impose risk onto certain classes of players? Still another stupid argument I’m seeing is that pod killing is “necessary”. This argument doesn’t make any sense because SO MANY capsules are destroyed in empire space where there are no bubbles. Even if pod killing is necessary, what do bubbles have to do with that?

But is it necessary to kill capsules? If it is necessary, maybe that’s YOUR problem, not ours, and not CCPs.

Cool story, bro.

You’ve been certainly crying about it enough to appear like you have a problem. One might almost say, it’s pathological.

And just as I did there, you can refer to it any way you like. Doesn’t make it any more correct just because someone else’s view is referred to a certain way.

And yes, I’ll always take a position that the game doesn’t need to be made easier (more intuitive yes, easier no). That’s no more or less one sided than other views, including yours.

As for only caring if the interdictor pilot is having fun, that’s just a completely incorrect reading of my view. There was a claim that no one gets anything out of it, which just isn’t true.

And whatever stupid arguments you think your shooting down, you should take a look at your own with a critical eye. They aren’t very good and not all even correct either (eg. Reason CCP removed clone levels).


And who made that claim?

My error there. You claimed, the dictor pilot cared about the loss he never had, which made no logical sense at all.

It would lead to less implant destruction, and hence more supply as well as less demand.

I don’t send 1 ship to null at a time to pvp with, I send a bunch, if i had a set of implants exposed to pvp risk, I’d ship myself a few sets.

I guess this question got ignored, because it hits the nail on the head.

No, and the answer to the question is “no”, but here is another one of you trying to have your cake and eat it, too. Either you can claim pod kills are meaningless, imaginary, immature status indicators OR you can claim that capsules should stay as they are. You can’t make both assertions simultaneously. They are incoherent.

Do pod kills matter or do pod kills not matter? Pick one.

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The loss of a pod should mean nothing to the person that loses it (the very first point made by CCP: 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online)

Gaining a kill (pod or otherwise) can mean whatever it wants to the person that kills it.

They don’t have to be the same thing. It’s irrational to insist they are.

So, the “loser” SHOULD feel nothing, but the “winner” can feel whatever they want.
Do you see the problem with that stance?

And, no one was insisting the “loser” and the “winner” should have the exact same experience. I certainly wasn’t.

No. This is EVE.

Loss should mean nothing.

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i don’t claim anything. The OP switched the goalpost from implants to killmails, therefore my question was spot on. if killmails are what bothers him, then the reason why he wants it changed is his ego and therefore this whole thread is nothing but ego tripping about an imaginary symbol of an inagimary social status no mature person cares about.

No. When loss means nothing, there is no point in caring about tuis game at all. You get that backwards. His issue isn’t loss. his issue is his righteousness and the horrible mindset of believing people are victims.

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The point I wanted to make is when a ship is destroyed in a bubble the pod cannot escape giving a free kill. It is fun and takes skill to catch a ship fight it and kill it, it is also fun to be caught, attacked even killed. But to sit in a pod in a bubble with nothing to do but slowly head out of the bubble hoping you get ignored I find less fun.
I tried making other points to back this up poorly it seems but that is the bones of it.

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Yeah but what’s wrong with that? it’s the nature of the bubble. You’re not actually explaining why it’s an issue at all, you just keep saying that it’s an issue. it’s not.

As you stated above, you have a problem with a killmail. That means the problem is you, not the game or the killmail, b4cause killmails are just killmails and any and all value they have is purely created by the one who cares about it.

And THAT usually are people who have self esteem issues, who use them as symbol of social status.

I know. You can thank me for pointing out you were wrong any time.

This could be balanced if say it required slot 6 implant and made your pod warp nullified until unplugged or podded.

Pods need safety too

Its rare but in points where someone will catch you on the gate. Choke point, battleship like rokh with large smartbombs can catch you while you land on the grid in a pod, warping to gate at 0.
Usually the battleship is not alone.

Let’s get some wine, put on some music and make sweet, sweet, nullified pods together.