Nullsec incursions and a bit of QoL

Nullsec incursions look interesting and hard enough. Almost killed my orca in a few shots.

Two things regarding QoL. Warping beep. Please, make it optional, it’s very annoying, especially on an orca or similar slow warping ships. Should be optional.

Another thing, we don’t get notified when our drones are being attacked by rats, only when they attack the ship itself. Can we get a warning for when our drones are under attack?

when drones are attacked by npcs you still get ddiiiing sound of pve timer. but would be nice to hear sound when our drones are being attacked i.e we launched geckos in asteroid belt but there is many pirate frigs and they start knocking your drones.

the warp thing sound needs to be toned down or changed to something like star trek warp initioation.

bring back triglavian invasion sites or replace/mix them with incursions for better reward but improve the lp store by adding more items. instead of giving us modules in lp stores we should obtain a bpc that we use to build the faction modules

if triglavian invasions return add their lp store where you could buy blueprints for ammo/weapons/entropic sinks and ships eventually the triglavian dread bpc.

make triglavian spawns as dangerous as FOBs,triglavians currently do not pod kill,this need change.

add triglavian FOB structures to encourage people to remove those for balanced look/bounty but keep the loot crate FFA so even ibis could have chance to loot it,stealing attempts should be possible but not too hard.

eventually create dedicated triglavian system maybe 2null 2low 1highsec triglavian system where would be no empire control at all except trig highsec system.

** triglavian FOB would give us invasion effect in system with no invasion but regular triglavian platforms, so you would have to chose between safety and mining bonus so players would need to form up defense fleet to protect their mining operation,otherwise they need kill the trig fob.

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