Observations after returning from hiatus

  1. The new Agency is still crap - the old one was much better.
  2. With EVE HQ and EVEMON dead in the water, there are no in-game or 3rd party tools to manage multiple accounts.
  3. Haven’t noticed any improvements or new ships worth trying
  4. What happend to the “Quality of Life” project? - it’s getting worse
  5. Why can’t I see the details of skill points applied via injectors? It matters if you have to buy 3 or 4 Alpha Injectors to get a skill level you need. EVE HQ provided details of “Skill points per hour” and showed the details.


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Evemon is working fine.

I guess you haven’t seen The Abyss and the new Triglavian ships

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They’re new ships, but they aren’t worth trying. Next time, perhaps finish reading the sentence before formulating an answer?

Why they aren’t worth trying?

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Because you can not spam F1 on them quick enough. Very bitter '03 vet has to plan his action forehead (damage takes time to get to maximum level) and that is pain for someone, who need to kill his own alt in cheap gallente frigate 150 times in a row in safe high sec as killboard padding activity.

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Because the only thing they shine at is DPS and tank. And thats it.
Espacially useless is the bonus on smartbombs.

Hovering over a skill now provides skill points per minute getting calculator out

So you are saying there is not a sitauation where combination of both dps and tank is useful.

Seriously - Agency displays agents I don’t have access to. Bring back the old Agent Finder - this is crap!

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