Observe epic battles

How do I get to see (or even participate in) epic battles that occasionally include titans while being a very lazy player that may come several times a week with no desire to pay real money for omega and preferably without anyone yelling into my ears?

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@Melanol_Telin You can watch a video of all that without paying or moving a single finger and it would be the same as if you were in-game lazying it out.

~Fifie is practical.

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When large battles happen, often someone involved will stream it on Steam. Links are usually posted on Reddit.

However, there are a lot of really good large fights that don’t quite reach the 10% TiDi, slugfest for many hours size, that still involve titans. In that case, the easiest way to get involved is to join a nullsec group and just watch out for a ping of a fight going down, or join strategic ops. Even the big fights have sub-cap fleets taking part also (and many of them start as sub-cap fights and escalate progressively), so you can be part of the fight, even as an alpha (less so for strategic ops, as that will require flying a doctrine fit, most of which require Omega, although there are Alpha ships/fits also used especially in support roles).

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Conversely you could just fila into null and ask in local :smiley:


If you want a lazy view, I would say just watch the vids.
eve the Bloodbath of B-R5RB youtube - Google Search

Nice to have you back Gix! :smiley:

Check map for ships killed every day, if you see a hot spot with hundreds of ships killed in low or null, go there in a cloaky frigate while surviving the gatecamps. If it’s in null, you can also stock up on Signal Needlejacks and jump around until you end up near the battle. Then endure the lag and TiDi while watching a boring slow-mo slugfest and not understanding wtf is going on because you don’t have access to comms.

Otherwise, just join a null bloc and become a F1 monkey, I think they have no problem using Alphas as cannon fodder.


you wanna participate? join an alliance which will sometimes get involved in “epic battles” but most of them will require to be omega and to actively participate to alliance stuff.
you don’t wanna join such an alliance? then you can only try to get lucky and watch the fight, in space in a shuttle or on a video, but no you won’t participate
sometimes, some very important objectives are known by all new eden, and you can hear about it in advance because everybody knows that the armor timer for this keepstar will occur on XX day at XX hour
But most often alliances don’t announce their plans in advance, and you never know whether they will go seriously for this objective or blueball. Furthermore, some big battles also escalate wery quickly from a minor skirmish somewhere, and if you are not in the alliance involved you won’t be able to see anythg.

you should get rid of your cliches and biases, man
i have been in Init for years now and i have never heard our hi-tier fcs yelling into anybody’s ears

also sorry to say that but your post seems like “hey how can I fish and catch big fishes, but i don’t want to buy/rent a fishing rod, don’t wanna put any bait on the hook, and don’t have the fish smell on my hands?”

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