Obsidian Acquisitions a HS and WH corp is now recruiting!

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Obsidian Acquisitions is a new player friendly corporation. We do 80% of things for new players. We buy you skill books, ships, modules, etc. We recruit new players, loyal players, and returning players. Our paying system is based upon collecting taxes, where our tax is varying from 3% to 5%, and giving back a certain percent in the end of the week or month. We give education to all players if needed. We hope you look us up in game. I spent a great deal of time writing my speech there. strong textYou can ask questions to me on our Discord channel by searching Obsidian Acquisitions.

This picture need an update, so excuse me if it’s off.

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This Corp is now permanently wardecced as a result of the attitude of the OP in this thread, where unfortunately, people genuinely tried to help him:

If that thread shows the attitude of the OP to other players, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

There are much better Corps out there, that will genuinely try to assist you.

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Why are you referring back to my post? Why are you telling me to leave my CEO’s corp?

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Where did I offend anyone?

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Ok, yeah, sure, but in my defense I have to say that I used censorship and that it was never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Secondly, why are you banning the whole corp because of a member? Thirdly, I do not believe that there are any better corps out there, except for the ones you make with your own hard work and talent.

Obsidian Acquisitions A New Player Friendly Corp Recruiting
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