Occulus Rifts C4 Magnetar Life

If your looking for a good time doing some PVP and PVE isk making opportunities with part time alcoholics and ex pirates, Occulus Rifts might be a decent fit for ya! We’re a tight knit group that have been playing for years. We are currently US and AU tz. We live in a C4 magnetar and have a station for docking. No living out of a POS. We have a static C4/C3, so getting to high sec isn’t a hurdle to go sell/buy stuff and nice for roaming as we look for content. We don’t mind showing the ropes of eve to newer pilots. The only requirements we have is be able to cloak, scan and preferably train into rattlesnakes. If you can fly a T3 cruiser that’s a plus. We have a system in place for PI with zero tax on customs offices. We do some group PVE and of course roam around a bit looking for a scuffle. If you’re into mining and production we can help with that too! We have an athanor and a raitaru in the hole and we also have a few mining booster pilots on standby ready to help along with a solid Industrial group. We use discord for comms and Pathfinder for wormhole mapping. Other than that we are really easy going and like having fun. In game name is Abrams Jasen. Fly safe o7

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