October Release - General Feedback

And this is why we say: Never play on patchday. Or the one afterwards.

Tis’ wisdom as old as Eve itself.

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The problem is not that it’s possible, the problem is that you can do ot without ANY risk in a Blockade Runner/DST. Something like that is cancer, since a person from Volta used that with a botting programm all the time to steal the loot from the Sotiyo’s and you can’t loot faster than a bot-programm. In highsec, if someone steals your stuff you can usually fight back or it hasn’t been worth it anyway, with just a couple of million of ISK not being much and often just used to provoke uneven fights.

Well, CCP did increase warp speed for cruisers, battle cruisers, and battleships… so travel time will suck incrementally less.

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So, reading the system name of a highlighted char with this new Character Selection screen color theme is wonderfully … not easy. Good job. Why is that color black and not that fiendish yellowgreen from the skin? How can one possibly be so bad at seeing good opportunities? :innocent:

It has been introduced long before this patch but I just managed to witness an asteroid depletion effect and it is really fancy. :slight_smile:

BTW, any time a window is hard to find, whether in space or in station, you can always ctrl-tab (or ctrl-shift-tab for reverse order, just add holding shift to already holding ctrl and now you’ll go the other direction) through all windows to get it back to the front. works great with minimized drone windows, when your fleet window just disappears for no reason (has been happening to me more and more lately when dropping a fleet and joining a new fleet and 2 of my 3 toons don’t have a fleet window now for some random reason…), etc. etc. should work with station services window, too.

on the halloween-themed login screen? yeah, I noticed that, too… but they fixed it a day or two later, even though apparently it was just a one-week template.

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