Off-market please delete

Hi, selling myself

Was training a support/cyno toon and lost interest. Aiming for HICs in addition to recon ships (hence points in science).
Full head of +4 implants
Ready for remap
2 Bonus remaps
zero balance wallet, no kill rights, no jump clones, located in Jita 4-4
Cool name (I think)

26bn BO


23B offer

I offer 23.5B

24B offer


bump-pa-dump… moving (slowly) in the right direction. “what does he want for a buyout??” you may ask… something rhyming with ‘birdie’, ‘nerdy’, or ‘chile verde’ might be good, directionally…

Good luck with that, I’m out.

15bn whenever you’re ready to give up

Thats a lot of SP without actually being able to do much. Wasted skills such as cloaking 5 and graviton physics 5. I offer 20b

I can extract for 29b at market prices. No.

Feel free to take this literally: you’re an idiot.

I can extract for 29b at market prices.

My math has you significantly lower than that ~24B (hence my offer).
This character is an unfinished project that cant fly a single t2 hull, use any t2 weapons, jump, drones, etc. Doesnt even have a proper learning pod, no skins, skill books, standings, or implants of value.

(Using Jita split)
Extractors: 490M
Injectors: 930M
((930 * .945) - 490) * ((33.5 - 5) * 2) = 22.9B

So what makes you think its worth 30b? A name?

nothing ventured nothing gained. looking at the math, the other guy’s right, no way you’re extracting 30bn, but if you have the highest standings and perfect trade skills like me, I guess with 1.17% broker fees and limit orders, IF they get filled you could get maybe 27bn out of it. But how long will it take for you to get those standings and fund those orders? 22bn


bumping, 26bn and this guy’s yours.

Closed at request of OP.