Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I have no idea what you’re talking about, Charles.


Looks like a totally normal comment to me, CC.

Charles I think you are seeing
Curious things on the IGS
Surely you have better things
In your busy life to do then
Seeking hidden clues in people’s writing?
Charles Cambridge Schmidt you will
Ultimately be disappointed by
Treating the IGS as a silly game.
Ending my rant now, which contains no hidden messages!



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Yeah, it is hard to see a scenario here where they weren’t either incompetent, complicit, or undermined from within.


That way madness lies.

I really think the Magus is unbelievably cute. Love the design, love the subsystems, love the utility. She makes for a fierce combat vessel, as well.

The Algos /Magus is the source of one of my greatest standing grudges against the Federal Navy.

That body plan is beautiful and should be a supercarrier, dammit.


Corax and Algos are a submarine and sub hunter, respectively. I think it’s a rather cute romance; it’s a shame the Magus and Stork don’t work as well together with boosts as they could.

Would you rather fight 1 Nyx sized Algos or 100 Algos sized Nyxes?

(Optional: Same question above but with Magus)

100 Algos sized Nyxes; their drones won’t be able to leave the bays, probably, and honestly, the Nyx sized Algos being able to pop out 3km/s ships the size of battleships would just be bad.

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Why all the trolls bring up all the nonsence about me whenever they want to say they disagree with what I have posted but fail to come up with anything of substance except their hatred?
Makes me think either they are always so dumb, or is it me always right that they fail so horribly to object?
I mean, I cannot myself like always be right, right? It should be their mental problems.

Probably because you are very consistent about what you say.

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So they’re just mad that I am not a doormat like them?

So I take a few days off, to do some work on this article, and I come back and everything’s going to hell in a handbasket.

Antimatter ICBMs, terror attacks in the Federation, slaver hounds with little diamond studded collars.

Has the whole cluster gone CRAZY ? Am I the only one who cares about the RULES ?

No. But sadly, who breaks them, makes a lot of noise.

Rules are make believe stories people tell themselves and each other.

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Without rules, how would anyone know who won ?

It’d be absolute mayhem.

A show where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.


Possibly because they’d all be accused of flip-flopping on principles long before you.