Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Don’t worry too much about it. The Intergalactic Summit is the absolute last place anyone who’s serious about peace is looking. It’s always been a tool to turn people of worth into elements of the landscape by convincing them that etched permanence is akin to prominence. Your best bet is to meet someone here and meet them away from here as quickly as possible, before you’re turned to cardboard.


In hindsight I feel I may be guilty of the other popular pastime, which is throwing popcorn at the people you mentioned, for entertainment and a look of ironic detachment. How could you not, though?

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On the contrary, the IGS is often the only place you can talk to people with any degree of seriousness. Half of the capsuleers that frequent this avenue you will never meet in person and if you do it will be under target lock and weapons fire.

Honestly, I like coffee and dancing a bit too much, and in the end it’s all kind of sad. I’m in no place to throw popcorn, I’ve been on the firing lines here, feeling like my family, my Faith, my people are disparaged. I’ve fought here and earned nothing from it. Everyone here has been more rewarding in person.

And the sad truth is they’re all here because they’re all hurting and that really ruins the entertainment on my end. Most of the chatter on here is just a pool of collective pain that never gets an answer.


I used to believe this, but now I’ve met almost everyone here that I care to meet, and the few whom I haven’t I expect to see before the year is out.

It takes work, and of course there has to be mutual interest, but meeting in person can be done, and it really is way better.


Just for the record, many of my husband’s people still live in slavery.

And yet you continue to subject yourself to it.

And I pray they are very well cared for.


I am sure everyone involved is just delighted to hear that.

I suppose you do not fancy that drink we once spoke of, then?

I can inquire about purchasing them and have them transferred to Para’nashu if you’d like? Just pass along their names and that of their current Holder. I’d be willing to pay something of a premium for them even.

I’ll not object.

Buying the family of your enemies to keep as hostages is some perverted Khanid ■■■■. I’m disappointed, Lady Newelle.


You wound me, Lady Kor-Anashtih, that you would think I would treat those in my charge as hostages to be used against enemies of our Holy Empire and likening the level my stewardship to that of… perhaps less righteous Holders.

The Lord Consort expressed a touch of concern to which I have the power to relieve and so the gesture was made. Ms Rhiannon certainly finds me objectionable, but perhaps she finds the Lord Consort less so, or even me less so than whatever current circumstance her relatives may find themselves in.


If I mistook your intentions than perhaps you should have made them more clear. If a close ally could make such a mistake, surely an enemy would as well. You are a champion of House Sarum, and it’s easy to view your every public word and action as that of a conqueror.

I stand by my condemnation of the act of using slaves as hostages. If that was not your intent, I apologize.


This is why I am not a diplomat, my friend, I do not have the tongue for it. I will stand with you on your condemnation of such acts as you have named.


Having reflected on this exchange more I thought it prudent to perhaps expand upon my intentions, and to clarify for you foreigners why Lady Kor-Anashtih’s accusation cut so deeply.

Holding the family of Ms Rhiannon as hostages implies that I would want something from Ms Rhiannon in exchange for something regarding said family. To be perfectly clear - there is nothing in New Eden that Elsebeth Rhiannon could possibly give to me that would alter the execution of my Divine duty to bring any slave line under my charge to the Faith. To suggest otherwise is to question my devotion. A serious insult from most, and a truly hurtful notion for a friend to entertain.

If these people were to come into my possession they would be integrated into the rest of my herd where they would work hard and study harder. One day, when this line had absolved itself of sin and embraced The Word, they would be freed and welcomed as fellow Amarr. I would then pray they write to Ms Rhiannon about the Truth of His Word and urge her to join them, to begin her journey down the Path.

It is indeed improbable this shall come to pass, but God has surprised us all on occasion.


Yes, I’m sure that you mean oh so well given the timing of your offer after Elsebeth just highlighted slavery as a core issue preventing peace in a thread you posted in not twelve hours ago. Do at least try to be clever in your attempts to rile in the future…?


While I appreciate the sentiment, Newelle, no, this is not a weapon I will knowingly give to anyone in PIE Inc.


Emphasis mine.

Your herd? As in a group of dumb animals? Your words betray your true feelings.

Yeah, ok sure you care about the welfare of your slaves whom you can’t even speak of as fellow human beings endowed with certain human rights such as, oh I dunno, not being held in slavery and treated like farm animals at your whim.

Afraid that I don’t see much of a chance for a peaceful resolution to this issue of Amarrian “reclaiming”.