Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Yeah, but it was still pretty good even if it wasn’t anything particularly fun.

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So… what allegiance did you forswear?

Through my uncle to House Ardishapur. It’s a rather traditional coming of age ceremony.

I’m… confused. Why did you renounce your loyalty to House Ardishapur?

I didn’t?

Uhm… I think you might not be using ‘forswear’ correctly? Like, if I forswear chocolate, I’m giving it up, rejecting it.

Edit: and no, I’m just trying to be picky here, before the inevitable ‘that’s just semantics’ and ‘omg, stop insisting words have meanings’ lines start cropping up from people. This is kind of a big thing. If Constantin goes telling someone like Arrach Sarum he’s forsworn his allegiance to the Empire when he means exactly the opposite, that could be bad and get him shot. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh! No, the ceremony is a forswearing because I’d relinquished my allegiance to myself. I’d forsworn to House Ardishapur, not from.

I apologize for your confusion, I forget that not everyone was raised the way I did. The idea is that all people always have allegiances, and your first act in my family as an adult is to forswear all your previous allegiances and submit ultimately to the Empress through an heir house through a whole line of heirs on down the line to whomever you answer to.

That’s why we are considered forsworn. It’s based on the idea that to adequately serve, you must relinquish all else. I suppose it’s less common nowadays to see it that way and I’m not sure how common the practice is even in the Empire. God knows if anyone else is still struck the traditional blow to signify his submission to his Lord, I think most these days might balk at the idea.


I think it’s better to ignore Arrendiot. Asking why you did something that you haven’t done is quite telling for so-called ‘galnet trolls’, though putting her into her place would even be better. And it’s surely not the first case we can witness such her behavior. Once she even dared to claim I SAID I wasn’t enjoying fighting for the State. She is just beyond any reasoning.

To be fair to Arrendis, I’ve absolutely no idea what she read when I entered my text. This text has to pass through a universal translator, and I know as well as anyone that the entire idea of fealty is different even from place to place, much less empire to empire. I could turn the translator off and enter it in the original Ammarian to make it more accurate, but that places us both in the position where she definitely wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

Honestly, the entire point is just to not hold points of communication confusion against one another, as miscommunication says nothing about the relative intellect of ether participant any more than they simply come from different cultures.

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Could it have to do with the code injection they did to the fluid routers some time ago?

Most likely, but that just makes the question after that even more imperative.

C A K E !

:imp: I’d still like to kill you, if only for the chance that it’ll make me happy for a bit, you :fedo::poop:.

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A post made in terrible taste was removed from this thread.

Play nice Capsuleers.

Thank you,

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@Nauplius Oh…you like that? Well, contact me, and we can arrange a meeting.

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Nauplius, I have no dispute with this general statement. It guides everything I do, which I offer up for God. I suppose, however, the question then becomes the nature of the acts where I do have a most profound dispute with you.


Offerings i understand, and do not belitlle, one’s heart knows what it desires to show to those it loves.

I get confused at the part of it changing something for the receiver, specially the one that created it all in your practices. Sounds to me like it would be conditional on what you do or do not, and that does not sound exactly glorious.

So does Electus Matari fly with Amarr pilots now? That’s quite a sudden change in policy.

You’re late to the party.

Arsia Elkin and Debes Sparre have flown in each other’s fleets, and pilots from both Empire and Republic under both of them, for quite some time now.

I suppose I am late to the party. As of April, EM pilots who were even associated with Amarr elements were being asked to step down.